Ontdek onze klantervaringen

Natuurlijk vinden we onszelf goed. Maar dat is voor jou niet belangrijk. We laten liever onze klanten vertellen wat ze van ons vinden. Dierenvrienden zoals jij. Ervaringen van onze klanten. Resultaten om trots op te zijn.

Cockapoo - Bloem - Luxembourg

Hi Wannes and Marleen,

Thank you for your email and birthday wishes and apologies for the delay in coming back to you.
We had a little party for Bloem and include some recent photos of her. She is a fantastic dog and important member of the family.

Thank you so much to you for helping have her in our lives.

Kind Regards

Tim A.


Marcel x Torvi

Dachshund - Frida - Brussel

 Good morning, 

I am very glad to have the experience with you. I will leave a review if it matters to you.

I found lots of websites and texted many people, but only you replied immediately and spoke English with me which gave me more confidence. I felt responsibility from your side, not only business like it usually happens. 

Thank you for the dog, it has already made me the happiest person, I haven’t felt this feeling for 2 years since the war at home.  

There are no questions yet, I am following your advice, but I do not deny that they may arise.

The puppy is doing well! We named her Frida, like the famous artist Frida Kahlo. She is intelligent, already active and interested in everything

Best regards

Diana Dieieva

Pepsi x Dream


Cockapoo - Lex - Herentals


Bedankt voor je berichtje. Lex doet het heel goed. Het is een echt nieuwsgierig velcro-hondje.
Hij knuffelt graag en speelt veel.

In bijlage enkele foto’s. 


Linda en Lex

Cockapoo Torvi x Marcel

Shiba Inu - Blitz - Herselt

Shiba Inu
Jules x Akira

Shiba Inu - Yoko - Stekene

Koekoek alles prima met mij, ben gisteren naar zee geweest 🐶🐶👋👋👋


Shiba Inu - Yuki

Beste Marleen,

Facebook hebben we niet dus via deze weg een aantal kiekjes.  

Groetjes familie Van Schagen

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