Ontdek onze klantervaringen

Natuurlijk vinden we onszelf goed. Maar dat is voor jou niet belangrijk. We laten liever onze klanten vertellen wat ze van ons vinden. Dierenvrienden zoals jij. Ervaringen van onze klanten. Resultaten om trots op te zijn.

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Maltipoo- Choepy
Allles verloopt prima met Choepy. Is voor de eerste keer mee op het vliegtuig geweest en hij heeft dat schitterend gedaan 👍🏻 prachtig hondje 😀

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Maltipoo - Choupie

Choepy voelt zich al helemaal thuis en ook met Champy de labradoodle klikt het erg goed, zo lief hondje 🥰

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Shoonik - Maltipoo
Hi Wannes

Just wanted to give you some news from Shoonik , our little maltipoo that We bought at your place
He is doing great , starting adolescence and all what comes with it
He is clean (since day one actually) loving and full of surprises
We are very happy with him and thank you for your support and assistance
Many people have asked me where we got him and I gave them your address saying how nice you were and reassuring
Here are some pictures of Shoonik
I am sure you will appreciate
With kind regards
A. and I. and Shoonik
Maltipoo - Shoonik

Good morning Marleen, good morning Wannes,

Many thanks for keeping in touch with us through your emails, calls and videos ! This is of great help and sooooo reassuring in getting us to welcome, train and do the right thing for Shoonik (our little maltipoo)!

He has been with us 36 hours and he is already comfortable at home : has a dedicated sleeping area next to the kitchen , an additional basket next to us in the TV room, some little toys . I bought him a toy to bite on as he is biting everything (including our finger/) but he gets very excited and barks when frustrated not to put him he strings out (see the picture )He gets out every 2 hours (first at 5 am last at 10.30 pm), eats and drinks, even did his first stool outside ! He is a great little dog , talks a lot and bites a lot but me try gently to tell him not too.

A question to you : He often putting his legs around ours , an does movement with his hips (similar to a sexual arousal)

What should we do to spot this behavior?

I’d like to thank particularly Wannes you bay is of great support. We are following all your advices and they work really well ! You are the best , really ! Shoonik being my first dog , I really needed your guidance ! Thanks

Kindest regards

Armen and Ilona