Can a beagle be left home alone?

Beagles are true pack dogs. They absolutely love being around other dogs and people. Some of them can even do well with other smaller pets such as birds , cats and rabbits if given the proper training and time to acclimate. Because your beagle loves to be around you so much, you may be wondering, can a beagle be left alone during the day?

A beagle can be left alone for short periods and if necessary even for a full working day. But that requires planning, training and forethought to make it all work.

If you’ve ever come home to a ruined house with a guilty-looking beagle, you already know what separation anxiety can look like. This kind of “misbehavior” is probably a sign of loneliness and boredom. Fortunately, this is a problem you can solve!

Can Beagles be alone during the day?

Again, yes, they can. While it would be great if we could all stay with our dogs at all times, of course this is not the case in practice. We have work to do, to take care of children and to run errands. The fact is, there are times when our dogs are really better off and safer left home alone .

All dogs are pack animals. But as a breed, Beagles are even more attached to their pack and to you – their leader. The alpha dog!

When you’re gone, some beagles just don’t know what to do with themselves. Because of this dilemma, some of them can become destructive when faced with so much boredom and anxiety, which makes many owners tempted to leave their dogs outside all day. However, I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

Beagles are playful and curious. They are also very stubborn. This combination makes for great escape artists and runners. If you leave a beagle at home in the backyard , there’s a good chance he’ll find his way out of the fence or get into some other sort of trouble. In addition, beagles are not meant to be outside in extreme weather conditions. They do not have thick hair and therefore do not do well in the cold.

If your dog needs to be home alone from time to time, taking him outside is a better plan than addressing the problem behavior so he won’t cause problems indoors. More on that later!

Are Beagles better in apartments or large houses with gardens?


This is more about the owner than the house, to be honest. While you might think that most beagles tend to have a large backyard to run around in, it really depends on the circumstances. Beagles like lots of sun and lots of exercise. They also enjoy spending time with other dogs and their human family. These factors will be more important than whether or not there is a large backyard.

That said, there are definite benefits to having a backyard for a beagle. The first is that you can only let him or her go outside when you are at work or otherwise engaged. While you should check on your dog regularly, there’s nothing wrong with him spending little bits of time alone in a fenced backyard while you’re at home. However, it is important to remember that this time in the backyard should not replace regular walks! Your beagle still needs the exercise, bonding and mental stimulation of walking.

Beagles can live in apartments, of course, provided their owners are willing to put in a lot of time to provide opportunities for both mental and physical exercise. Since they will be indoors, with fewer opportunities to play, they may get bored faster. Beagles are also known to howl when lonely or upset. Apartment dwellers may notice that their neighbors are not so keen on that.

But provided the owners lead an active lifestyle and are willing to put the time and effort into training and provide plenty of exercise and opportunities to explore the outside world, there’s no reason a Beagle can’t live in an apartment.

Beagles and separation anxiety

Beagles are known for being incredibly loyal and loving dogs. This is one of the reasons we love them so much! Unfortunately, this can translate into separation anxiety, where your Beagle will get very nervous when you’re not around.

The symptoms of separation anxiety will vary slightly from dog to dog, but most of the time you will find that dogs express it in one of these ways:

  • Whine, howl, growl and bark – Beagles are champion howlers and whiners. They can last a long time if they are really upset! Your dog can also be a barker. Some dogs bark for hours after their owners have left the house.
  • Drool – This is true for most dogs. They get into a frenzy and drool over themselves and everything around them. This can be destructive to things like carpet and dust, and having someone in your home with sensitive dog allergies can make their symptoms worse.
  • Destructiveness and Chewing – Chewing things is one of your dog’s coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety. If your Beagle destroys a corner of a couch or pillow while you’re gone, it’s not because he’s “angry at you” (as many people think). It’s just that your beagle is trying to focus their nervous energy and stress on something the only way they know how. Some beagles even chew their own fur or skin, creating hot spots and sores.
  • Trying to Escape – A frightened, lonely dog will try to escape from its environment. Unfortunately, this behavior can easily become very destructive! For example, if your dog is locked in a room, many will clawing obsessively at the door, trying to get out and find you. Or they dig under the fence when they are outside.
  • Pacing – Your beagle may start pacing in anticipation before you leave. Many dogs will continue to do it all day, or even overnight while the owner is asleep.

How To Help Beagles Cope With Separation Anxiety?

It is normal for dogs to have some level of separation anxiety, especially dogs that are very loyal and pack oriented (like beagles). Beagles crave attention much more than other types of breeds. There are things you can do to help your dog cope while you have to go.

One thing to consider is whether you can give your dog a playmate! Especially for a young puppy, having another puppy in the house can be a great remedy for loneliness and boredom. While this should never be the only reason to adopt another dog, it’s worth considering that many beagles do better with other animals around.

Beautiful photo graceful beagle dog looking away while resting balcony beside table with roses

Another thing you can do is give them something of yours to lie on or by. The best item is something with your scent, like an old t-shirt you would throw away. If you put this in his bed or rest area, your beagle will think of you and it’s reassuring that you will come back.

For small puppies, it may be helpful to mimic the heartbeat of mother and other puppies by using a sound device or a ticking clock. Put it near where your beagle will sleep. Check out this heartbeat bear on .

Other owners have found success using calming pheromone sprays such as Bach flowers and plug-in dispensers. These can be purchased from the pet store and work by releasing natural scents that induce tranquility. Thundercoats, which put calming pressure on the body, can be very helpful with extremely anxious pups. Be sure to measure and purchase the correct size for both safety and effectiveness.

If you have a dog that continues to experience very distressing symptoms of anxiety and none of these measures seem to help with his symptoms, it is a good idea to contact your vet and ensure there is no underlying medical condition that has to be dealt with .

Ways to get your Beagle to behave while you are away

The best way to get your beagle to behave when you are not at home is to keep them in a crate . If you have any doubts about their separation anxiety or are concerned that they are destructive, crates are the best option for keeping both your beagle and your home safe. However, you should not leave a beagle in a crate all day, as this will create a lot of stress for him or her, both emotionally and physically. Vets recommend that you don’t crate your dog for more than 6 to 8 hours.

Many owners express concern or sadness about cratering their dogs. But understand that dogs are pet animals and find that these types of comfortable enclosed spaces provide a sense of warmth and security. The key is to start crate training them as soon as possible. Then you put the dog in his crate when you are out during the day. Be sure to bring toys that are not a choking hazard.

Toys that give your dog’s brain a workout and entertainment are especially good for keeping them occupied and out of trouble. If your dog seems nervous at every little noise outside, turning on a fan, music, or white noise device can help calm him or her.

Preventing Separation Anxiety

Preventing separation anxiety is important for both your dog and your belongings. But how do you get started?

A big advantage of a dog from a kennel is that he is already used to not always getting human attention. While a home-raised dog is more likely to develop separation anxiety, a dog at Woefkesranch is less likely to develop separation anxiety.

Lock your dog in his crate just before you leave the house and let him out immediately when you get back home. Your beagle can safely stay in his crate for 8 hours. Your dog may howl and bark the first few times, especially dogs that have always known human presence.

If he makes noise, it is very important to ignore that, after a maximum of 2 nights that is over. And if you go to your beagle, the beagle will see this as a reward and it will take longer before he can be alone.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, beagles can do great in many different types of living situations with the right care. Most importantly, spend a lot of time with them when you are at home and provide plenty of opportunities for exercise, sunshine and fresh air, as well as encouraging physical activity. A tired dog is a good dog – and this is especially true if you know you’ll be out of the house for a while.


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