When does a beagle go into heat?

Having a female Beagle means you have to understand everything about being in heat or entering into heat. There are many myths about heat, sterilization and everything that comes with it. We believe this article is required reading if you are thinking of adopting a female Beagle into your family or if you currently own a female dog. So here we are going to take a look at the issues, including the age at which the Beagle starts in heat and any related information.

A beagle goes into heat for the first time between the ages of 1 and 2 years. From then on they will be in heat twice a year.

If you wish to spay your dog, wait until she has been in heat at least once and preferably twice. Then you let the natural process run its course until your beagle is fully grown . You also don’t sterilize children, so why do you neuter puppies?

What is the heat?

Heat is a stage in a female dog’s reproductive cycle and is the equivalent of a female dog’s menstrual period. This is also referred to as the season and the medical terminology is the estrus cycle.

The first heat marks the stage in which the dog enters puberty. It is during this time that a dog is fertile; eggs fall and she can get pregnant.

On average, your Beagle will have her first cycle when she is about 1 year old. However, this differs per dog. Some go into heat after 10 months and some don’t start until 15 months. It seems too early in the eyes of so many owners but it can start so young and owners need to be aware of what will happen and how to keep their dog safe.
Note: If your Beagle is over 15 months old and has not yet had her first heat cycle, she should have a full vet check.

How do you recognize the heat period?

You will notice:

  • Her vulva will become swollen – this can be mild to moderate. It is recommended that you pay attention to what this area looks like when the dog is not in heat so that you know when it starts to swell.
  • There will be blood loss. The color varies from light pink to dark red and changes color during the heat cycle as the blood mixes with other fluids. The amount also depends on the specific dog. Medium-sized breeds like the Beagle usually have plenty to notice. While there may not be a steady flow, the drain will build up on bedding, floors, and other surfaces over the course of these few weeks. For this reason, many owners choose to use a “ dog diaper ” on their female during this time for hygiene reasons and placing a dog pants over it is often done as well.
  • Male dogs may seem overly interested in her. You may notice strange dogs actually roaming in front of your house. This is because unneutered male dogs can detect that your Beagle is in heat up to 5 miles away. For this reason, it is very important not to leave your dog outside alone during this time.
  • For a smaller amount of time during the cycle, the female will be receptive to males and will express this by raising her tail toward them (known as flags).
  • There may be some mood swings. Some females may appear to be more affectionate during this time, and others may be more withdrawn.


Many owners wonder if a dog feels pain during heat. Studies suggest that the female dog’s behavior makes her very aware of her cycle and may feel cramps and discomfort as the uterus contracts.

Many female dogs can exhibit nesting behavior and may want to rest more often than usual, lending the theory that dogs do indeed have some tummy ache during this time.
Note: Never give your dog any medication during this time, just let her rest whenever she wishes and provide a soft, warm place to do this. Some dogs find that a heated heating pad on the abdomen feels good because it can relax the abdominal muscles.

How long does the run last?

Most heat cycles last between 2 and 3 weeks. Beagles have a heat cycle every 5 to 7 months, so this is twice a year on average. Unless and until a female is spayed, she can continue to have this for the rest of her life. Unlike humans, there is no menopausal stage as dogs grow up to be seniors.

Skipped and silent heat

Occasionally a dog may enter the season without showing the typical symptoms. This is known as silent heat. This is different from a skipped cycle, where the dog’s cycle does not occur at all. If a Beagle has a very light discharge, some owners may mistake that for a quiet or skipped heat. In both cases, however, this is due to abnormal fluctuations with hormones. It is best to inform your vet if this happens often.

Keep your wife safe

Your female Beagle in heat will be the place to be for any unneutered male within a 3 mile radius. Unneutered males of any breed will pick up her scent from this distance. Every time a woman in heat urinates, some blood is deposited, leaving a strong odor in the garden.

It is strongly recommended that you always accompany her outside during this time, only go outside for elimination reasons and keep her on a 6 foot short leash.

As you prepare to take her out, slowly open the door and take a good look around before letting her out.


When does a beagle go into loop?

A beagle goes into heat for the first time around the age of 1 year. This repeats on average every 6 months.

How long does the heat last?

The heat usually lasts two to three weeks.

How do you recognize the heat?

Their vulva will become swollen. They lose a little blood. And all males will show a lot of interest in your dog.


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