10 things Beagles love to do

Every dog ​​breed is different. For example, while some breeds, such as German Shepherds, prefer to be independent, other breeds, such as Golden Retrievers , like to be with their owners at all times. But what about beagles? What do they like to do?

Barking, crying, whining


If you didn’t already know this, the Beagles are super vocal. They make different sounds to let you know what their feelings are.

My Groot barks every time he wants attention. He stares at the door handle and makes a beeping sound when he wants to get out. He whines when he wants to eat what we eat. He barks high when someone rings the doorbell.

It’s like they have their own language, which only beagle owners can understand.

smell things

Beagles are tracking dogs. They were bred to detect the scent of small animals and chase them for their owners.

Beagle dog sniffing green grass
Beagle dog sniffing on the green grass.

It’s their natural instinct to sniff. Beagles have one of the most powerful noses with 225 million sensory receptors. To put that in perspective, human noses only have 400 sensory receptors.

Like any other beagle, he is obsessed with smelling things. He would sniff anything he finds outside, even the poop of other animals.

Eat, eat and eat more

Beagles are foodies. They love food. Put something within their reach and they will swallow it in seconds.

1 beagle voeding
Girl gives a puppy a huge steel cup full of dog food. A very hungry dog ​​on a teal background

Their love of food can be dangerous. Not all human food is safe for beagles. Food items such as garlic, onion, sugar and spices are toxic to them.

Last month, Groot climbed onto our dinner table and ate leftover brownies. We had to take him to an emergency room and keep him under observation for two days.

So make sure you keep all food, except dog food, out of his reach.

Chew on things

Portrait cute beagle dog chewing treats toys while lying floor home interior

This, I think it’s universal. Not just beagles, but all dogs love to chew. It’s something that relaxes them.

Chewing is not bad. It even helps keep the dog’s jaws healthy and teeth clean. But it is essential to teach your dog what is good to chew and what is not. Or you find the mascara off your couch and furniture every time you get home.

You can offer your dog a bone or chew treat every now and then. Here is a list of some of the best bones for your beagle to chew.


Beagles are outgoing dogs. They like to be around people and other dogs. They don’t shy away. Instead, they will jump on a person to shower them with licks and kisses.

Whenever guests came to our house, Groot greeted them with a wagging tail. Then for some reason he always gets one of his toys and offers it to the guests.

Not only with people, but also with other dogs. Big must have been seen in a dog park. He gets super excited to get along with other dogs.

However, their social skills rely heavily on how well socialized a Beagle is during puppyhood.

Jump on others

Old person with their pet dog

Beagles are bouncy dogs. They often start to jump when excited. They can even jump to get something out of your hand.

This is not something you should promote. Jumping can be dangerous for your dog as well as for yourself. Your dog could break his feet. In the long run, it can increase the risk of joint problems.

So if this is something your dog does, try to control his impulse and teach him not to.


For my family and me, this is the best feature of beagles. They love to cuddle.

Old person with their pet dog 1

While some dog breeds prefer to be alone and independent, beagles cannot live without human affection.

Every morning I find Groot curled up in my blanket, with his back on my feet. He also loves to take a nap on my girlfriend’s lap when we watch movies.

In most cases, all beagles love to cuddle.

Sleep on your bed

Beagles love to sleep next to their loved ones. So either they find our mattress much more comfortable than ours.

I have tried so much to teach my dog to sleep on his bed . But in the middle of the night, when I’m asleep, he jumps on the bed and snuggles into my blanket. I’m a deep sleeper, so I like my little monster snuggled up in my blanket next to me.

Woman lying bed making selfie

At first I thought it was my beagle. But when I asked a Reddit community of beagle owners, so many told me they are facing the same thing.

Running in circles

We all know how much this breed like to run. But for some reason they like to run in circles.

I’ve been trying to find the reason behind this behavior but apparently quite a few beagles do it but no one knows why.

Email me if you know the cause.

Play tug of war

Female child using rope toy during dog training

Beagles love to play tug of war. Grab a rope toy, hold one end and give the other to your beagle and let him pull.

This brings out their predatory nature. But it’s also a great way to release their energy.

Ninja Tip: Your dog may even growl while tug of war. It is completely normal and healthy.

However, it is essential to establish some ground rules to ensure your safety. Teach your dog the LEAVE command before you start playing. Your dog must leave the toy at your command. Start with a long rope to avoid accidents.

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the most common things that beagles like to do. If there is a particular behavior that you think should be on this list, feel free to email me.


Below are the emails from our customers with their Beagle.

Oscar - Beagle


In bijlage een paar foto’s van Oscar. Wordt ondertussen een grote meneer ;)


Cooper - Beagle


Onze Cooper ondertussen zijn vaccin gehad hier nog fotootjes van Cooper. 


Lila - Beagle


Notre petite Lila se porte très bien. Les gens l’admire et les enfants en raffolent.

Bon dimanche

Beagle - Nala

We now also have a 5 month old baby who Nala absolutely adores ♥️

Beagle : Bella Happy Birthday 1 year old-


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Samba - Beagle


Voici notre petite samba qui a bien grandit.

Elle est heureuse parmi nous.😍

Bon dimanche 

Jules - Beagle

Zoals je ziet ben ik al flink gegroeid en zit ik vol fratsen xxx

Beagle - millie
Hierbij ter info een paar foto’s van Millie. De pup die nu bijna 2 weken bij ons is. Ze doet het heel goed. Ze is een flinke, ondeugende, speelse en lieve hond. Groeten vanwege de familie Caes uit Aarschot

Barry - Beagle

Ben al  groot aan worden 🐾

Grtjs Jean en Gerda 


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