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Fill in next form to get a alert when we have puppy’s of your choice.

Then you get a email when there are new litters with a age of 5 weeks.

On the age of 5 weeks the pups does get there microchip by our vet, we takes 2 pictures of each puppy and publish them in our gallery.

From then our subscribed followers get notified about the new pictures.

Watch out: client who already reserved has priority.

Do you have interest for a puppy for a specific time, and you wish to buy the puppy at our ranch?

Reserve already a pup with an advance of 100 euros.

  • We notify you when the litter is a few days old
  • We send you regularly update pictures of the litter
  • On the age of 5 weeks we invite you for visiting the pups. First reservation can choose first, second reservation second and so on.

You can reserve via our reservation form

Use your last name as reference

For extra questions, call us +32 15 / 75 59 42