How to calm down a Beagle?

Are you the owner of an energetic Beagle? Most Beagle owners struggle to understand why they cannot help their dog when it is time to calm down. As a Beagle owner, I have learned how to deal with this problem.

So, how to get a Beagle calm?

By giving a Beagle the right moments of rest and relaxation, and also giving him the right amount of mental stimulation, his owner can train him to be excited at the right times and calm down at the right times.

In the end, it all comes down to your dog’s age and activity requirements.

Tips for calming a beagle puppy

If your Beagle is a young puppy, you may notice that your dog is much more hyper than your friend’s older Beagle. This is perfectly normal. Your dog is just a baby and needs time to learn how and when to be quiet.

Learning commands

Commands are something you want to start early. As your pup gets older, they will start barking more and more. This is a behavior that most Beagle owners consider undesirable.


You can do one of two things in this situation:

#1 Ignore your puppy’s need to bark

Ignoring your puppy when he starts barking a lot can be a success for you. I know it sounds cruel. Ignoring your puppy? But what you are really doing is using negative reinforcement on your puppy. When a Beagle barks, they really want to get attention from the people around them. So if you are busy talking to your puppy because he is barking, you are actually giving him exactly the attention and positive reinforcement that will make him continue to bark in the future. Yelling at your dog properly once gives a different effect, this I will discuss in the second option.

#2 Teach him a command to stop barking

Beagles are an incredibly intelligent dog breed. However, they are a bit stubborn. With proper effort and experimentation, you can begin to understand what your dog does and does not respond to. If ignoring didn’t stop your puppy from barking at all the wrong times, you may need to change things. I’ve heard some owners teach their puppies phrases like “time-out” when their Beagle is not behaving. The best and fastest way to get your beagle to stop is to give it a good once-over. Stomping on the ground or clapping your hands and then correcting the dog can also help.

Correcting will always be better and faster for most people than just ignoring bad behavior.


As mentioned earlier, Beagles are incredibly intelligent. However, with this incredible intelligence also comes the need for your puppy to receive mental stimulation. A beagle is a scent dog. This means that they get a scent and cannot let go of it, allowing them to penetrate everything in and around the house until the source of the scent is found. An easy way to avoid this situation is to set up a hunting and retrieving game for your puppy. You will find that your puppy is easily food-motivated. So by hiding some of their favorite treats in the yard or under things in your yard, you can practice the puppy’s need to search without causing chaos.

This is a very simple way to prevent your puppy from causing damage in your home in the future. Also, while playing, you should allow your dog time to rest and relax. This means having a certain amount of time to play with your Beagle and get them excited (but also let them get some energy out) before it’s time to calm them down. Provide a designated spot in the house, one that is comfortable for your puppy, that you can use for this relaxation time. Spend your relaxation time together. This is a technique that should fit well into your dog’s adult years. It’s a great way for them to understand that not every moment is the right time to play.

Tips for calming down an adult beagle

In most cases, Beagles will soften as they age. However, the way they soften may be different from the average dog, and they will remain active for a relatively long time.

Quality time

People love care his pet dog old beagle dog stay with man

As your Beagle begins to age, and you begin to enforce your own variations of the above tips, it is time for you to spend more quality time with your dog. Quality time can really be anything. But whatever it is, you want your quality time with your beloved four-legged friend to be a time to sit back and relax.

This can be as simple as setting aside time to sit with your Beagle and groom them. While trimming, you talk to your dog and behave calmly, and this provides mental stimulation for your dog because you are interacting with him physically in a gentle manner. This will be time well spent differently than playtime, because playtime is to get the energy out.


As you probably already know, Beagles are a high-energy breed. This dog needs at least an hour of regular exercise every day. If you want to take your Beagle outside in your backyard, make sure they don’t have an escape route. They have a habit of getting under fences.

An easy way for your Beagle to meet their training requirements is to take daily walks. Walks provide your dog with a lot of mental stimulation, which they also need. They are exploring and get a chance to spend quality time and bond with their owner—which they love. If you plan to take your Beagle for walks, make sure you keep him on a leash for at least the first year of his life. This will train your dog to stay close to you and not run away immediately when they catch the scent of something that excites them.

Alternatively, you can let him run loose when he is still very young. A young puppy will follow anything he sees moving nearby, so make sure you walk in a forest without distractions. Another advantage to training young to run loose is that you can probably run just a little faster than the puppy, if he doesn’t listen anyway. Always train him first in your fenced yard so that he is already coming to you.

Other information

Overall, the main conclusion of all this should be that Beagles need attention to calm down.

They need mental stimulation and help from you to keep them from getting out of control and following their natural instincts as scent hounds. Training should begin when your Beagle is just a puppy. Remember to play with them often, but also don’t be afraid to cut them off and make it clear that now is the time for you two to relax. 

Eventually, your puppy will master this on its own if you keep it up consistently. Remember, your Beagle needs constant mental stimulation, and spending time bonding with you – the owner – will help them get there. By training your dog regularly, you will satisfy their requirements for bonding time and their instinct to hunt and retrieve. In general, be patient with your Beagle. With time and effort, they should begin to soften and calm down.

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