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The Pomeranian is a smaller version of the German Spitz. They are very kindly and always happy.

pomeranian description

Description of the Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is a small dog with a foxy appearance and small, erect ears. It has a wedge-shaped head; dark, almond-shaped eyes; and a short, tapered muzzle. Its tail curls over its back and it has small, compact feet. It is double-coated with a thick, soft undercoat and a profuse, straight outer coat. It has a pronounced neck ruff. The coat color comes in all colors and patterns but some of the most common are red, orange, cream, sable, black, and black and tan.

The hair of a Pomeranian is long and stands straight away from the body. They got short thick under skin. The skin on the head is short and thick. In the neck and shoulders, they should have a thick collar with a lot of hair. They also have a bushy tail.
All colors are allowed, but you will find most of them are red, white, blue/gray or black. Some skins are partially colored (white with stains of another color) or black & tan.

Alternative Names:

Poms, Toy German Spitz

Character and temperament of a Pomeranian

A Pomeranian is an active little dog. They are smart, enthusiast to learn and loyal to his owner and family. Perfect as a companion dog for any family. Very lovely and very be loved. They are good guard dogs to alert you when a thief is entering your home. They love to be close to the owner. To other people they can be a bit distant, they are very attached to their own people.

Good with other animals if they have met each other when he was a puppy. Pomeranian’s are known for being intense with other dogs, including large dogs. For that reason, it is essential that you socialize the pup with other dogs. Puppy class is a good place for that.

They love to play and shine when in human companion. They form a close bond with their human family and don’t like to be alone.

Pomeranians are good watchdogs: they are territorial and vigilant for all disturbances in the territory. And they can bark very loud.

Proud and happy to learn new tricks, but they need a good leader of the pack. If you are not a good leader they don’t listen. Be a good leader with a steady education, and they follow the rules. They are mentally stable, reliable, beautiful family dogs. Because of his size, they have become a good companion for an elderly person.

The Pomeranian is a spunky, outgoing dog that is intelligent and highly trainable. If not socialized, Poms may be unfriendly toward strangers or even those familiar to them. It is a very clean dog, sometimes described as catlike. It is protective and makes an excellent watchdog. Try this dog training course


Living conditions

The Pomeranian is suitable for living in an apartment. They are also active inside and can live without a garden. Keep the dog still in hot weather, to avoid overheating. A daily walk is recommended, but not required. They will also enjoy playing around in a safe open area.

Pomeranian’s will get between 12 and 15 years.

Taking care of your Pomeranian

The very long, double coat should often be brushed. Although sometimes a bit time-consuming, the coat is quite easy to comb. The downy undercoat is dropped once or twice a year. Dry shampoo when necessary. Clean the eyes and ears daily and give the dog a regular dental check.


Pomeranian pups for sale


The Pomeranian is said to have come from Pomerania, a province in eastern Germany. It is generally believed that it descends from a larger German spitz dog that was used for pulling sleds and herding sheep. It was bred to its current size in the nineteenth century and was highly favored by Queen Victoria. It first made its way to the U.S. in the late nineteenth century.

Country of Origin:


Best Owner:

Pomeranians adapt well to city life; some Poms do best in adult-only households.

Special Needs:

Grooming, socialization, training.

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