Jack Russell Terrier

The breed has a compact and muscular body. Dogs grow to a height of 20-30 cm. They usually weigh between 7 and 12 kg.

The Jack Russell in brief


Care needed
Tolerate heat
Tolerate cold


Hunting Instinct
Tendency to bark
Friendly versus strangers
Need for Mental challenge
Need for movement
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Jack russell puppy

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The Jack Russell Terrier is a cheerful, energetic dog who loves to go to work. This breed is happiest when the company and an occupation has. Digging is normal for a Jack Russell, especially if he decides that it is his job to rid your yard of rats and mice. Hunting is a second nature for them. The desire to hunt along with a high energy level makes training a must for the Jack Russell. You will never win a power struggle from a Jack Russell.

Because he is a barking terrier, the Jack Russell can be noisy. However, these dogs are alert and good watchdogs. The breed is naturally assertive and may not tolerate young children or other animals in the home. They can be especially aggressive against other dogs.

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Given the character of the Jack Russell, this breed is not suitable for everyone. Hunting instinct cannot be trained in this breed. These dogs see the cat or hamster of the family instinctively as prey. Some can learn to get along with other pets when they are put in as a puppy, but a potential owner should estimate the possibilities in advance.

The Jack Russell Terrier needs a lot of movement and a house with a large, enclosed garden is best. The Jack Russell has an urge to discover and hunt and is not always near you; Many days have been chuck seated in sewers and caves. If they are kept indoors, then daily hefty hikes are a must!

The Jack Russell also likes to go along on a trek or for long-haul trips. This breed is not suitable for you if you prefer a dog that sits quietly on the couch throughout the day.

Advice on education

Jack Russell Terriers are vibrant, brave, temperamental and enterent dogs. They are very playful and active and usually have a healthy dose of confidence. They are very self-reliant and can sometimes be stubborn and obstinate.
Yet it is very social and friendly dogs within the family.
If the dog is in a good socialization at an early age, this breed can get along very well with the kind of companions and other pets. He will accept the domestic cat as a roommate, but to other cats and strange animals, it quickly plays his hunting instinct. They also shoot well with children.
The dogs are of a good nature, so they announce the unknowns or visit, and will defend their family and home well.
These small terriers are actually big energy bombs, who like to play, learn, be active and face challenges. This breed does not quickly settle for a few daily exhaust hikes. They prefer to do distances, run and also love digging. In dog sports and skill disciplines such as agility, they are also best skilled and talented.
A gentle and patient approach and consistent indication of boundaries are indispensable as with all dogs. In addition, they do not like alone, so a kind of companion or sufficient company of the family, are not superfluous.
These dogs are not suitable for long periods of time in a kennel, loft or outside run, or only keep indoors. These dogs have a tremendous need for movement, but also extra challenges and exhaust valves to delve into and lose their hunting instinct.
So don’t be surprised by their small stature. Jack Russells are anything but quiet hug or lap dogs!
In the course of abnormal behaviour or problems, it is advisable to seek advice from an experienced and qualified expert in dog behaviour.


The Jack Russell Terrier is a real work terrier. The breed owes its name to Reverend John Russell, who bred one of the most refined species of terriers to go behind the Foxes in England. The Jack Russell is a bark terrier, which means that the dog must lure the fox with his constant barking from his lair, but never kill his prey. The Jack Russell has been strictly bred for hunting from the beginning of the early 19th century.

Because of their wide genetic composition, there is some variation in the standard of Jack Russell terrier. Disagreement over the leg length has even led the breed in England to be divided into different breeds, with the dogs with longer legs called Parson Jack Russell Terriers and the dogs with shorter legs simply Jack Russell Terriers.

Despite the larger popularity of the dogs with shorter legs, the dogs with longer legs are officially recognized as Jack Russell Terriers. The breed has been popular for years in the horse community.

Media attention, especially the popularity of ‘ Moose ‘, the terrier that plays ‘ Eddie ‘ in the TV series ‘ Frasier ‘, and ‘ Soccer ‘ that plays in the children’s show ‘ Wishbone ‘ has brought the popularity of this breed to great heights.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a more recent member of the AKC category terriers, but that membership came under protest from enthusiasts who feared that AKC recognition was not good for the breed. This resulted in two national organizations for the breed. The original American Jack Russell terrier Club and the newer AKC recognized American Jack Russell Terrier Association.

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Adult jack russell tricolor

Ras Standard

  • Head: The skull belongs to be flat and of an average width. The head gradually becomes narrower towards the eyes and runs in a broad predictor. The lips and nose are black. He has strong and powerful jaws. His eyes are almond-shaped and black-pigmented.
  • Ears: Button ear or hanging ear
  • Gebit: Strong teeth that close in a scissor bite.
  • Body: A straight back and short, muscular loins. His chest is rather deep than wide.
  • Tail: May hang at rest. In movement The tail must be worn up.
  • Coat: The bra ring may be smooth, “broken” or rough. Weatherproof coat. White should dominate with black and/or tan markings.
  • Size and Weig
    ht: ideal height: 25 cm to
    30 Cmweight: 1 kg weight must match 5 cm height. This means that a 25 cm height dog should weigh about 5 kg and weigh a dog of 30 cm height 6 kg.

Jack Russell puppies for sale


How much does a Jack Russell puppy cost?

The cost of a pure Jack Russell puppy with 2 years warranty varies on several factors. On average, the Jack Russell puppies of Woefkesranch, recognized Belgian breeder, cost around €850 per puppy.

Is a Jack Russell a good family dog?

The Jack Russell Terrier is a happy, energetic dog with a strong desire to work. …
However, these dogs are alert and are good watchdogs.
The breed is naturally assertive and does not tolerate young children or other animals at home. They can be especially aggressive towards other dogs.

Barking Jack Russell dogs much?

Jack Russell Terriers are good watchdogs, so they bark at everything they think is dangerous.
If you find that your dog barks without reason, he probably just wants some attention. Go walk with him or play with him for a while and he will calm down.

Is a female or a male better?

Females are gentle and affectionate to owners, quiet, obedient, smaller. Men rarely exhibit aggression against women.
Females become in heat, males urinate somewhere.
Conclusion: Each has pros and cons!

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Below are the emails from our customers with their Jack russell.

Jack Russell - Annie


Jack Russell - Pumba de Virton

Pumba 1 an 🥰😍💝


Jack russell - Fientje
Alles goed met ons Fientje

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Jack Russel: Aloxe
Aloxe est bien arrivée à la maison

Elle mange beaucoup mieux et est très joueuse.


Jack Russel: Kobe'tje
Hallo. In mei 2005 kwamen we bij jullie terecht voor ons ‘woefke’.  Gisteren met veel spijt in ons hart afscheid genomen van Kobe’tje geboren op 1 april 2005.  Hij heeft een fantastisch leven gehad, alles wat hij wou, en zeker zijn beweging… nooit ziek geweest…geen operaties. Maar hij was gewoon op. Al wat doof en weinig kracht meer dus hebben we samen besloten hem te laten rusten.  Het was meer overleven geworden dan leven en dat verdiende hij niet.  Wou jullie toch even laten weten wat een fantastisch hondje we door jullie in ons leven hebben gekregen

Tara - Jack Russell Terriër


Des news de la petite… Tout se passe toujours très bien

Bonne soirée

Jack Russell - Tara


Acceptée par la toute la meute ? . Tout se passe à merveille.

Bon weekend,

Jack Russell - TARA

  1. TARA
  2. TARA 1

Jack Russell, Zuma

Voor jullie ook fijne feestdagen grtjs van ons en een pootje en een lekke van zuma


[Marleen – Woefkesranch]

Zuma, Jack Russell, geboren 1/4/2017

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