The hair loss of a Pomeranian

Pomeranians are known for their luscious fuzzy coats while having equally bright and vivacious personalities. While they are some of the best lap dogs in the dog kingdom, Pomeranians may not be ideal for those with allergies.

So, do Pomeranians shed? Pomeranians are moderate to heavy shedding dogs. Because of their thick double coat, Pomeranians usually experience excessive shedding twice a year. Outside the moulting period it is best not to say how much Pomeranian moults .

Coat loss in a Pomeranian is a common problem in adolescent puppies. Around the age of 4-6 months, a Pomeranian has much less fur.

It’s not random why Pomeranians tend to shed a lot more than other dog breeds. Let’s take a closer look at the top 4 reasons why Poms experience heavy shedding. In addition, discuss carefully how to deal with Pomerians.

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Reasons Why Pomeranians Lose Hair

Unless you own a rare hairless dog breed, chances are your dog will shed to some degree, regardless of breed. It’s just in their nature to shed their fur. But why do Pomeranians shed so much more than say a poodle ?

Pomeranian have a somewhat unique coat that fewer than 80 recognized breeds have i.e. a double coat. In addition, there are other external factors that can influence shedding, such as malnutrition. Read on for more information.

Pomerian’s thick fur for the cold

Almost all dog breeds with a large fluffy coat come from a cold region, and the Pomeranian is no exception. Without the protection of a fuzzy exterior, dogs simply won’t be able to survive in a cold climate.

Pomeranians are German (and Polish) dog breeds , developed for the harsh winter climates of northeastern Germany. In this region of Central Europe, temperatures can rise alarmingly to -20 degrees Celsius.

To combat the brutal winters in this region, Pomeranians needed a coat that could keep them warm outside . Sure enough, Pom breeders did just that. These Spitz dogs are well equipped with their fluff.

And like the Siberian Husky, the Pomeranian was originally bred to pull sleds. That’s right! When Pomeranians were 3 to 4 times their size, they were also used as guard dogs, herding dogs, and worked various jobs.

And since they mostly worked outside in the snow, a thick coat makes sense. It is imperative to protect them from cold winter streaks and constant snow . But with more hair , more shedding will follow.

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The double coat of the Pomeranian

The double coat is a type of coat that the Pomeranian has. As mentioned, double coat dogs are definitely in the minority . However, these coats help protect the dog from cold temperatures and other environmental factors.

The coat consists of two layers of hair: the outer coat and the undercoat . Both serve to protect the dog’s skin.

For example, the Pomeranian’s undercoat has a wool -like feel that is both short and dense . It mainly serves to keep your dog warm – similar to real wool. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most effective insulators that dogs have.

On the other hand, the outer coat consists of longer hairs, also known as ‘ guard hairs ‘. As the name implies, these hairs will protect the Pomeranian’s skin from potential hazards in the environment, such as the snow a Pomeranian often encounters.

And according to Pet 4 Homes, there are roughly only 78 recognized double coat dog breeds . Still, some of the most popular dog breeds carry this coat, including the Aussie, Blue Heeler, and working-lined dog breeds.

So with two coats of fur, you can expect double the chances of shedding their coats. However, what really makes double coat dogs outrageous is when the season changes . As such, they shed more depending on the month.

Pomeranian seasonal waste

Most dog breeds will shed more during a change of season , although the severity can depend on the dog breed. Unfortunately, seasonal shedding can be especially bad for double-haired dogs.

Twice a year, around spring and fall , Pomeranians usually experience heavy or excessive shedding. These smart dogs are highly adaptable to their environment, but so do their coats.

As winter approaches, they will begin to shed their lighter summer coats to make way for their thicker winter coats. And since they essentially replace their entire coat, you can expect a big fall out.

Likewise, Poms will shed their warm winter coats in the spring . This in preparation for their lighter summer coats. Because their winter coats are thicker, this can be the time when Pomeranians shed the heaviest. So it all depends on the season.

While a double coat dog sheds his or her fur, you can expect a lot of fur in the house. And since Poms are primarily indoor dogs, be prepared to brush and clean up after their “mess”.

If you are allergic to dogs, this time will be especially bad for you. People are allergic to dog dander (dandruff), which is released into the air when a dog loses its fur. For sensitive owners, we recommend choosing a hypoallergenic dog instead.

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Malnutrition can lead to loss

Believe it or not, poor nutrition can cause excessive excretion . Just like in humans, a poor diet can potentially lead to a variety of health problems in dogs. It’s just that shedding is one of the most common issues.

According to Dr. Roy Cruzen (DVM): “the main reason for excessive loss is a poor diet”. He goes on to suggest that many owners buy cheap dog food that barely meets the nutritional quality requirement for dogs.

An unbalanced diet will almost always lead to excessive loss – and not the good or normal kind. In addition, says Dr. Pete Lands (DVM) that gluten-free diets can cause the same health problem in your Pomeranian.

So when choosing dog food for your dog, it is always best to look for the highest quality food. Dr. Cruzen suggests that something around the $4 per pound range is good enough. Although it costs a little more, your dog (and their coats) will thank you for it.

Dawn Logas DVM suggests improving your dog’s coat health with some minerals. Essential fatty acids, such as omega-6, may be the key to a healthy coat. It not only gives a healthy shine to the coat, but also replaces oils in the dog’s skin.

How much do Pomeranians shed?

According to Chewy , Pomeranians are one of the 31 heaviest shedding dog breeds. In fact, the Pom falls into the same category as notorious moults such as Huskies , Corgis, Chow Chows, Aussies, and Golden Retrievers.

But to really understand and estimate how much these dogs lose, real Pom owners always know best. Sure enough, we polled the Pomeranian Subreddit and other forums to ask owners this question. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Shinadoll says heavy moult :Our all white Pomeranian boy consists of 65% fluffy hair. The solution – we just stopped wearing black and learned to love his fur tumbleweeds .”
  2. Dooter says light moult : “ To be honest, I don’t really think my Pom sheds that much. They do shed, but the fur seems to get caught in the undercoat. Make sure your brushing or matting will be a problem .”
  3. Richpom76 says Moderate :Oh yeah, they shed and there’s really not much you can do about it but clean them up .”
  4. Cutername says heavy moult :Our Pomeranian turns a year at the end of December. This fall he started shedding like crazy and it gets worse as the weather gets colder .”
  5. Lilianbeebee says low moult:My pom doesn’t shed that much, but I’ve heard others do quite a lot. Regular grooming is a must when it comes to maintaining a healthy coat .”
  6. Rcjeng says heavy moult :Our Pomeranian usually lived on our terrace and depending on the month we saw large bottlenose dolphins made of fur. Brushing is the best way to avoid this!
  7. Annasutra says Moderately :I’m a little worried that my pom won’t shed as much as many other pomeranians. Melo just experiences a little messy coat, light shedding, but a huge change in coat color.
  8. Brilliantg710 says heavy moult :If you’re not willing to trim, don’t buy a pom! My dog is a little moulting machine and he is unstoppable .”

Dealing with hair loss

Many dog owners make the mistake of thinking that they have no control over their dog’s shedding. However, this is simply not true. While you may not be able to control genetic shedding, you can help minimize shedding through grooming .

There are plenty of ways you can help your Pomeranian minimize shedding while also helping him maintain a healthy coat. Here’s how to deal with a Pomeranian shedding and essential grooming tips for all owners.

Brushing Poms

One of the best ways to minimize shedding is to brush their coats. Not all owners enjoy this tedious task, but it helps a lot – especially for double coated dogs. It is sometimes recommended to brush your Pomeranian at least every day .

Of course, not all owners have the time or patience for this. But at least three times a week seems reasonable. However, you may want to consider brushing the dog every day during shedding season.

For dogs with a double coat, I highly recommend the Furminator dog brush. It’s not just my recommendation – there is a huge community of Pom owners who absolutely love and swear by this brush.

This great brush is practically made for double coat dogs . We do not recommend Furminator for single coat dogs as it is a tough and strong brush that can easily cut the dog’s skin if you are not careful.

If you plan on trying out the Furminator, make sure to be very gentle , especially if you plan on brushing your dog every day. But as long as you’re careful and mindful during the session, they’re very unlikely to get cut off.

You also want a small-sized model with long hair for a Pomeranian. I highly recommend checking it out here. The Furminator is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s worth it and can save you a ton of time!

Bathing a Pomeranian

Giving baths is something that is necessary because you don’t want the buildup of dirt to cause a matted coat. It can potentially be painful for them. In addition, it is good hygiene and they remain clean and fresh smelling.

Another reason to give them a bath often is that it is an easy way to wash away all of the dog’s loose hair . As such, bathing can be extremely helpful during the shedding seasons. The combination of bathing and brushing is quite effective.

Still, you don’t want to bathe them too often. The coat contains essential oils that help protect their skin. So by bathing regularly, all these oils can be washed away before there is time to recover.

That said, Pomeranians should be bathed once every 2 to 3 months. But because they are usually dogs that stay indoors, they are likely to stay relatively clean for a longer period of time. It really depends on your dog and his living situation.

Recommendations for Pomeranian Shampoo

The best and most popular options are oatmeal-based dog shampoos . They are natural and easy on the dog’s skin and coat. Here are just a few of my favorites (that we have or still use for our dogs):

  1. Oxyfresh pets shampoo : Oxyfresh Pets Shampoo is one of the best-selling fur cleaners for dogs and cats in the world.
  2. Greenfields Dog shampoo & conditioner : Complete dog shampoo including conditioner
  3. Beaubeau Dog Shampoo : General shampoo that removes, strengthens and softens the loose hair.

When it comes to dog shampoo, you want to go as natural as possible, making these options perfect for all dogs. Never use human shampoo , as their skin is sensitive and human shampoo can be too harsh.

Is a Pomeranian for me?

Miniatures are the perfect lap dogs for children, adults and seniors. And if you’re okay with having some fur on your lap, they’re a fantastic breed of dog to take home. Make sure you have the time and patience to handle the grooming.

These dogs have cheerful and smart personalities , making them suitable playmates for older children who know how to respect the dog. At the same time, they also make great companions for the elderly as they are relatively easy to keep.

On the other hand, they bark quite a lot . They may not be the best apartment dogs (sorry neighbors) but they are very flexible and can make sure it works if needed. All it takes is a little extra patience with obedience training.

If this sounds like the ideal companion dog for you, then I suggest you consider the Pomeranian. Yes – dealing with their heavy loss can be a bit difficult, but with the consistency you will easily get used to it in no time.

But if shedding is too much for you (or your sinuses), I would consider looking at one of the many fantastic hypoallergenic dogs on the market. There’s plenty to choose from!


Below are the emails from our customers with their Pomeranian.

Pomerianian : Nala haar eerste verjaardag
Dwergkeesjes - Bo de Nazaré

Bo de Nazaré, heeft vorige week (24/1) zijn vaccins gekregen (in PT) en alles verloopt vlot, hij is een echt schatje en echt een heel leuk hondje.  Op 8/02 maakt hij zijn 2de reis naar Portugal, ditmaal per vliegtuig ✈️.

Hij heeft geen schrik van water, ook al tuimelde hij al eens in t zwembad, Hij vond dat niet zo erg, wij wel. 


🙏 groetjes,


Ronny & Marleen

Spitz Nain - Tiboo

Bonjour Madame,

Après toutes ces années passées en compagnie de notre compagnon tiboo,que nous avons acquis chez vous. 

Je tiens à vous informer que notre compagnon, est vraiment formidable, avec un très bon caractère, gentil, joueur, et une bonne santé, enfin bref il est exceptionnel .

Je vous joins quelques photo. 

Je vous souhaite une excellente année. 

Michel Labalestra 


Afbeelding verwijderd door afzender.

Dwergkeesje : Brownie

Goedemiddag Marleen



Allereerst beste wensen voor jou en je familie voor 2024!




Brownie is jarig geweest, gaat super goed met hem.

Zo een schatje!


In bijlage kan je enkele foto’s vinden van de jarige.



Fijne dag



Dwergkees - Bo

Bo in zijn nieuwe thuis





Baloe is het hier precies al goed gewoon

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Pomeranian - Mouscron - Belgique

Bonjour, tout se passe très bien pour la petit puce, elle est très sociable et joueuse. Elle s’est très vite adaptée, mange et boit correctement ! Elle rencontre sa maman ce matin. Je vous enverrai d’autre photo prochainement. Je vous remercie pour cette petite beauté qui fait bien des heureux !


1-2-3 Fotomodel !!!

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Keeshond - Grover - Veldhoven, Nederland

Goedenavond Marleen,

Dank jullie wel voor de verjaardagswensen voor Grover. Bijgaand stuur ik je een verjaardagsfoto van hem toe alsmede ook een filmpje waarin Pino Grover feliciteerd en Ernie een liedje voor hem speelt 😊.

Met hartelijke groet,

  1. IMG_0569

Grover is geboren op 18/04/2022.

Flame x Billy

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