How to raise a Pomeranian? The ultimate training guide!

This guide to training a Pomeranian contains essential training techniques for adults and puppies. These Pomeranian training tips are both remarkably effective and fun for both owner and dog.

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How to Train a Pomeranian Puppy

If a Pomeranian does not fully understand the basics, it is essential that they undergo basic Pomeranian obedience training.

It’s never too early to start Pomeranian obedience training. So that adorable puppy, you bring home when they’re eight weeks old, can learn basic training and even the 15-year-old dog still has the ability to learn something new.

There are many benefits to basic Pomeranian obedience training

Life becomes easier because you can communicate your needs to your dog and vice versa.

It’s okay if you have to stop your naughty Pom from getting away with something sneaky, because your command will interrupt whatever he’s doing. Pomeranian workouts are great for bonding with your Pom because it’s teamwork. All dogs feel a boost of confidence when they master new commands.

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Are Pomeranians easy to train?

Dogs are just as intelligent as a 2-3 year old human child, so it is essential that you let your Pomeranian dog think and perform, as they will gain more self-esteem and become a happier dog as they will be more comfortable with his new home.

Pomeranian training tips and basic obedience training elements are very easy to understand for you and your dog. There may be a slight variance from trainer to trainer, but generally these commands have been the same for decades. The big difference is how YOU prepare for Pomeranian dog training.

Preparing to become a great Pomeranian trainer

In your role as a trainer, your goal is to guide your Pomeranian in an encouraging and regular manner. He won’t obey you if it’s not fun. You must carefully guide your new Pom through a plan of action that will be rewarded along the way. It’s impossible to teach your Pom a new command in 1–2 days, so you need to be patient.

It’s a process that gets better as your Pom joins in, and they’ll learn the basics bit by bit. At the end of each Pomeranian training session you should notice a little more improvement and that means your pup will eventually be fully trained.

How to Use a “Pomeranian Dog Trainer Voice”

No matter how comfortable you feel with training Pomeranians, speak as if you know exactly what you are doing and what you expect from your Pom. Use a firm, friendly tone and articulate everything you say as clearly as possible. When you praise your dog, make sure your voice is extremely happy.

How important is timing in training Pomeranian dogs?

Timing plays a big role in dog training. Your Pomeranian needs to learn that what he is doing is right or wrong BUT timing is so crucial here.

Never reward your Pom more than 5–10 seconds after its action. If you can’t get a treat from one of your bags or sacks right away, you won’t be able to highlight what he did right, and he might get confused about what he did right.

Choose Pomeranian Dog Training Rewards

Pomeranian dogs always want to please you, BUT when it’s time to train obedience, you need to provide extra motivation. Find special treats that you only use for training, so he quickly learns that he did it right. For example, if you use a piece of kibble, he won’t really be a problem because he eats it every day.

Special treats can include crispy bacon from the microwave (after putting pieces on paper to drain excess grease), small meatballs, organic uncured hot dogs, and other foods that will do drool your Pom as expected.

Rewards only work in the short term. You don’t always have to give a treat if your orders are followed. Your vote triggers an automatic response when prompted. You may need to repeat each command 100-500 times for your dog to understand what to do when he hears or sees that command.


Keep your pom healthy and happy

Don’t let your Pom make a mistake more than two or three times in a row. If he is reprimanded and feels like a failure, his motivation will decrease. If he fails, you can revert to an easier step in this process, and he will revert to his behavior pattern.

Patience is a Virtue in Training a Pomeranian Dog

Never start a training session if you don’t feel patient. Maybe you had an incredibly difficult and stressful day at work. If so, your dog will sense the bad mood. It’s not normal to miss too many consecutive Pomeranian training days, but an occasional day is better for you and your dog.

Ending Pomeranian Obedience Training in a Positive Way

This goes for everything, including playing with your dog, walking it, and training it. Every Pomeranian training session should end positively so that he is ready the next day when it comes time to train or play. He will not feel physically and mentally exhausted.

The Correct Words to Use in Pomeranian Dog Training

Use short, specific words because they are short and consistent. Dogs only target the first syllable of a word

“Oops!” This is used when your Pom does something wrong. Don’t say “no” because that’s a word you should avoid unless there’s an emergency. Use “oops” in a light-hearted way.

“Okay” is what you use to get your dog to move from his statue position.

For instance. When told to sit down, he doesn’t know how long to stay there. When you’re done, release it from its seated position or lower it.

“Okay, sit down!” “Go on!” and other command words are better than using “good boy” or “good + his name.) Say “good” and follow it with whatever command you want to use, as it reinforces whatever you have to him learned so far.

Pomeranian training time

If you have multiple Pomeranian training periods each day, your dog can learn a command in about 2-3 weeks. However, you must use the commands regularly or your Pom may forget about them even after the workout is over. You don’t have to give treats all the time, so using them will make your dog appreciate them even more because he knows he’s good.

10 training tips to remember in Pomerania

  1. Reward your Pomeranian with special treats, not treats they get on a normal day.
  2. The reward should be given at the exact moment your Pom has obeyed your command or is in the correct position.
  3. Don’t look around in bags for treats. They should be in your palm and be able to give it away immediately.
  4. The ideal time to train is when your dog is hungry. This should be a good time for you every day so he gets into a routine and it makes it easier for him to train.
  5. Adhere to the “practice time before game time” rule.
  6. Always finish your workouts while your Pom wants to continue. Then he’s only too happy to start the next day.
  7. To be coherent.
  8. Motivate your Pomeranian.
  9. Be incredibly patient. If you’re lucky because your Pom does what you’re told on day one, it’s not because he’s mastered that particular command. It’s just luck.
  10. Have lots and lots of fun!!!


Below are the emails from our customers with their Pomeranian.

Pomerianian : Nala haar eerste verjaardag
Dwergkeesjes - Bo de Nazaré

Bo de Nazaré, heeft vorige week (24/1) zijn vaccins gekregen (in PT) en alles verloopt vlot, hij is een echt schatje en echt een heel leuk hondje.  Op 8/02 maakt hij zijn 2de reis naar Portugal, ditmaal per vliegtuig ✈️.

Hij heeft geen schrik van water, ook al tuimelde hij al eens in t zwembad, Hij vond dat niet zo erg, wij wel. 


🙏 groetjes,


Ronny & Marleen

Spitz Nain - Tiboo

Bonjour Madame,

Après toutes ces années passées en compagnie de notre compagnon tiboo,que nous avons acquis chez vous. 

Je tiens à vous informer que notre compagnon, est vraiment formidable, avec un très bon caractère, gentil, joueur, et une bonne santé, enfin bref il est exceptionnel .

Je vous joins quelques photo. 

Je vous souhaite une excellente année. 

Michel Labalestra 


Afbeelding verwijderd door afzender.

Dwergkeesje : Brownie

Goedemiddag Marleen



Allereerst beste wensen voor jou en je familie voor 2024!




Brownie is jarig geweest, gaat super goed met hem.

Zo een schatje!


In bijlage kan je enkele foto’s vinden van de jarige.



Fijne dag



Dwergkees - Bo

Bo in zijn nieuwe thuis





Baloe is het hier precies al goed gewoon

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Pomeranian - Mouscron - Belgique

Bonjour, tout se passe très bien pour la petit puce, elle est très sociable et joueuse. Elle s’est très vite adaptée, mange et boit correctement ! Elle rencontre sa maman ce matin. Je vous enverrai d’autre photo prochainement. Je vous remercie pour cette petite beauté qui fait bien des heureux !


1-2-3 Fotomodel !!!

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Keeshond - Grover - Veldhoven, Nederland

Goedenavond Marleen,

Dank jullie wel voor de verjaardagswensen voor Grover. Bijgaand stuur ik je een verjaardagsfoto van hem toe alsmede ook een filmpje waarin Pino Grover feliciteerd en Ernie een liedje voor hem speelt 😊.

Met hartelijke groet,

  1. IMG_0569

Grover is geboren op 18/04/2022.

Flame x Billy

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