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Are you looking for a puppy? If so, then you may be considering a Shiba Inu puppy as a pet.

The Shiba Inu is a small dog with unique hunting instincts. It originated from Japan, where it is considered an important national treasure. It was used to hunt small game, especially birds and vermin. It’s an independent, energetic and intelligent breed that can adapt to different situations and environments.

Are you looking for a puppy?

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Shiba Inu dog as a pet

The Shiba Inu is a small and sturdy dog that originated in Japan. They are independent, energetic and intelligent dogs with an innate need to be with people. They are also very clean dogs who act like cats by grooming themselves constantly!

The Shiba Inu was used to hunt small game such as birds and vermin by their owners for thousands of years throughout Japan. In fact, it is still one of Japan’s important national treasures today because it has been part of their culture so long!

It has a strong prey drive, so it’s important to keep your Shiba Inu on a leash or in an enclosed area when off-leash playtime isn’t available. These dogs love to play and run around with their owners, but they also need plenty of exercise every day!

The Shiba Inu can be independent and energetic at times, so they may not be suitable for families with small children who might accidentally hurt them while playing too roughly. The breed is intelligent enough that they need mental stimulation every day as well–if you don’t have time for this kind of training or activity yourself, then consider getting another type of dog instead!

The Shiba Inu can adapt to different situations and environments. They are great with kids, but should not be left alone with them.

Shiba Inus can get along with other animals, including other dogs, if introduced properly and given enough time to adjust. It is also essential to note that each dog has a unique personality and may have different preferences when it comes to interacting with other animals.

As far as training goes, Shiba Inus are stubborn, so you’ll need to be patient when trying to teach them something new!

Shiba Inus are a lot of fun to own. They’re energetic and playful, but they can also be calm and quiet. They love being with their owners and make excellent companions for the whole family.

They’re easy to train, so if you want your Shiba Inu puppy to learn new tricks, it won’t take long until he does! And even though they have a tendency towards mischief (they were originally bred as hunting dogs), these little guys love being clean and tidy too–so grooming them doesn’t need much time or effort at all!

Appearance Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is a small to medium-sized dog breed with a fox-like appearance, upright and triangular ears, and a thick double coat. It is muscular and athletic, standing 33 to 43 cm tall at the shoulders and weighing between 6.5 and 11 kilos. The males’ height averages between 35 and 43 cm, and the females’ is between 33 and 41 cm.

The Shiba Inu’s coat has two layers: a waterproof outer layer (topcoat) with straight hairs; and a soft undercoat with thick woolly fur which insulates against cold weather. The coat should be groomed regularly with a bristle brush or curry comb to remove dead hairs from the topcoat.

Shiba Inus have a life span between 12 and 16 years, making them one of the longest-living dog breeds in the canine kingdom.

Interesting facts

  • The Shiba Inu’s are considered the oldest and smallest of Japan’s dogs and are known for their confidence, perkiness, and triangularly set eyes.
  • The name “Shiba Inu” is believed to have originated from the Japanese word “shiba,” which means brushwood, as the breed was used to hunt in overgrown brushwood.
  • They were likely the result of breeding between the Jomon-jin’s dogs and dogs that came to Japan with a new group of immigrants in 300 B.C.
  • The Shiba Inu is one of 9 monument breeds to Japan.
  • Shiba Inus are notorious escape artists, with a tendency to dig, climb, or jump out of even the most secure yards.
  • They are also known to have a unique howling vocalization that is unlike any other dog breed
  • Shiba Inus are known for their quirky personalities and unique behaviors


If you’re looking for an energetic and intelligent dog, then the Shiba Inu might be the perfect pet for you. They have a lot of personality and are great companions who will keep you entertained with their antics all day long!


Below are the emails from our customers with their Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu - Blitz - Herselt

Shiba Inu
Jules x Akira

Shiba Inu - Yoko - Stekene

Koekoek alles prima met mij, ben gisteren naar zee geweest 🐶🐶👋👋👋


Shiba Inu - Yuki

Beste Marleen,

Facebook hebben we niet dus via deze weg een aantal kiekjes.  

Groetjes familie Van Schagen

Shiba inu - Yuki
Yuki continue de grandir … 😇

Hatchi - Shiba Inu


Hatchi,notre chien 🐕 viens de chez vous!!

Il est magnifique. Il n’ai pas encore castré,car nous avons mal au cœur. Vous n’êtes pas intéressé par lui avant de le stérilisé ?

Bonne journée…


Shiba Inu

Notre shiba est le plus beau et tout ce passe bien. On est très content de l’avoir. Merci pour la demande. Voici quelques photos.



bonne année et meilleures salutions.

Schäfer Jessica & Mozina Patrick


Jules x Lola

Shiba Inu - Yuki
Frohe Weihnachten! Es ist schon das 3. mit Yuki zusammen! Vielen Dank für diesen großartigen kleinen Kerl ❤️ liebe Grüße aus Stollberg Zweifall! Von Marina Krings und Familie

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Shiba inu -Mochi
Bonjour est-ce que vous souvenez de Mochi? il a 11mois déjà, le temps passe vite 😋il est plus en plus mignon, merci à sa maman de nous faire un super bébé chéri comme ça 😋

Shiba Inu - Suki

Met Suki gaat t heel goed,net ontwormd . Kei leuke hond en is al zinnelijk 👌bedankt voor de goede informatie


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