The American Akita, or Akita Inu is a dog breed developed in Japan. The breed was original developed as a hunting dog, but now he has become a fine, though spunky, family dog. A similar dog breed is the Shiba Inu, almost the same dog but smaller.

Classification according to the AKC

The Akita Inu belongs in the working dog group. The dogs that belong to this group are very versatile and usually very energetic. They were original bred for hunting, cattle driving and transport with sleds.

The Akita Inu is usually well adapted to live in cold climates. Most Akita Inu’s need a more intensive education and socialization than other dogs


The Akita Inu was originally used for hunting, including bears. Meanwhile, it has been declared a national monument in Japan and is highly regarded.

American akita inu

Physical properties

Akita males have a shoulder height of about 67 cm and bitches of about 61 cm. Deviations of 3 cm up or down are allowed.
These type of dogs has a beautiful coat that consists of straight and coarse upper hair, and a dense, soft undercoat. The allowed coat colors and patterns are red, white and brindle. A black mask is considered an incorrect deviation in Japan, the country of origin. In other countries, such as the United States, spotted Akita’s and black mask dogs of this breed are allowed. Those colors are even very popular there.

Well-being sensitivities

This variety is easy to care for and has a strong resistance. Twice a year Akita’s have a molting period, during which they are best combed (with a double row of metal teeth) to remove the dead hairs.
When hereditary conditions can be passed on genetically from the parents to their children, it is recommended that the breeder have the DNA of the parents tested first.
Even if the dog shows no health problems, it remains of course important to check with your animal at least once a year at a vet.

Advice on education

Akita’s are well-balanced, thoughtful, intelligent and friendly dogs. They have a strong hunting instinct and also a watchful character. They quickly build a loyal and close bond with their owner (s) and family, but at the same time they are quite independent, imperturbable and sometimes somewhat stubborn.
These dogs are of little use to other dogs, but can get along well with cats and other pets if introduced to them appropriately at an early age. They are also good with children, if they respect the dog and know how to treat a dog. The dog is freely reserved for strangers and visitors.
Akita’s are very energetic and lively and have excellent stamina. They are therefore not suitable for keeping in a kennel, loft or outdoor run, or only indoors. These dogs need a lot of exercise, but also extra challenges and exhaust valves to track and to express their hunting instinct. Walking on a leash always entails a risk that they will do their thing and follow tracks. So teach them to connect well at a young age and to come back to you.
Akita’s are intelligent and learn quickly, but training shouldn’t take too long, as they like to be able to do their thing in time or get over-stimulated and frustrated quickly.
This breed is not really suitable for inexperienced owner (s) and beginners, unless they are well guided by an expert.
In case of deviant behavior or problems, it is of course advisable to get advice from an experienced and qualified expert in dog behavior.

American Akita Inu for sale

We don’t sell Akita Inu dogs. But we do sell Shiba Inu, it is almost the same dog except he is a little smaller. A smaller dog is easier to take by car or traveling, so why don’t consider a Shiba Inu?

If you really want an Akita Inu, you can take a look at the AKC marketplace site.