Maltese dog price: what does he cost

Is it really true that the cost of a Maltese puppy can be a predictor of its future health and happiness in your home? You’ve stumbled upon the common discussion that price reflects quality, especially when it comes to the world of purebred dogs. As you’re considering the financial commitment of a Maltese, it’s crucial to peel back the layers beyond the sticker price. In Belgium, for instance, the €1500 price tag on a Maltese might seem steep, but it often includes assurances of ethical breeding practices and initial veterinary care. Yet, in Belgium, the price is not the only consideration, as the availability and demand play a significant role in what you’ll ultimately pay. Indeed, you’re not just buying a pet; you’re investing in a living, breathing being that will depend on you for its well-being. As you weigh the costs against your budget, remember that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. The true cost encompasses so much more, from the joy of companionship to the financial realities of pet ownership. Stick around, and let’s unpack the layers that will inform your decision on whether a Maltese is the right addition to your family.

Key Takeaways

  • The price of a Maltese puppy can vary based on factors such as lineage, breeder reputation, geographic location, and adoption fees from shelters.
  • Reputable breeders generally charge between € 850 to € 2340 for a Maltese puppy, reflecting the care invested in breeding and ensuring responsible breeding practices.
  • Owning a Maltese comes with additional initial expenses such as essential supplies, vaccinations, microchipping, and ongoing costs like vet check-ups, grooming, and potential health issues.

Buying your Maltese

When considering the acquisition of a Maltese puppy, it’s crucial to analyze the associated costs and ensure the choice of a reputable breeder or adoption service. Choosing breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs is paramount, as responsible breeding practices directly influence the long-term health and temperament of your pet. The genetic predisposition of Maltese dogs to certain health conditions necessitates meticulous screening for hereditary diseases, a service that reputable breeders provide.

Assessing the lifetime expenses of Maltese ownership includes not only the initial cost but also recurring expenses such as diet, grooming, and medical care. With a life expectancy of 12-15 years, the commitment to a Maltese is long-term, and the financial implications must be carefully weighed against the joys of adding a furry companion to your life.

Initial Maltese Expenses

Costs of living in malta

When considering the purchase of a Maltese, you must account for various factors that influence the initial price. Essential supplies, including a dog cage, food bowl, and initial medical needs, such as vaccinations and microchipping, can cumulatively add a significant amount to the base cost of the puppy. It’s crucial to analyze these expenses methodically to prepare for the comprehensive financial commitment of dog ownership.

Purchase Price Factors

Understanding the various factors that contribute to the initial expense of purchasing a Maltese is essential for prospective owners to budget effectively. Factors affecting price include the puppy’s lineage, breeder reputation, and geographic location. Purchasing from a reputable breeder typically incurs a higher cost, ranging from € 600 to € 2340, reflecting the care invested in breeding and raising the puppies. Negotiating prices may not be customary with reputable breeders due to their fixed pricing reflecting the quality of care.

Essential Initial Supplies

Acquiring a Maltese requires an initial investment in essential supplies such as a leash, collar, bed, crate, and training materials, which can typically cost between €150 to €650. When considering buying options, you’ll find a broad spectrum of products and prices at both online retailers and local pet stores.

The following list highlights key initial supplies for a Maltese:

  • Adjustable Collar: For proper fit and comfort.
  • Leash: Durable for training and safety.
  • Comfortable Bed: To ensure restful sleep.
  • Appropriately-sized Crate: For secure transportation and house-training.
  • Training Materials: Such as treats and toys for effective behavior shaping.

Purchasing these items is an analytical process, requiring detailed consideration of the quality, cost, and suitability for your Maltese’s specific needs.

Monthly Maltese Upkeep

Grooming and care for maltese dogs

As you calculate the monthly upkeep for your Maltese, it’s critical to account for the feeding costs, which typically fluctuate between €50 and €90, influenced by dietary preferences and nutritional requirements. Health care expenses also play a significant role, ranging from €100 to €350 in the first year, driven by vaccinations, check-ups, and preventive treatments. Moreover, grooming essentials, necessary to maintain the breed’s coat quality and overall well-being, can cost you €50 to €100 per session, with frequency dictated by the dog’s lifestyle and activity level.

Feeding Costs

When budgeting for a Maltese’s monthly upkeep, it’s essential to note that feeding costs typically range from €50 to €90 annually, translating to approximately $4 to $7.50 per month. Maltese breeders often provide a detailed Maltese diet plan that should be adhered to for optimal health. The Maltese feeding schedule is crucial, as it maintains metabolic balance and prevents overfeeding in this small breed, which can easily lead to obesity.

Consider the following factors impacting feeding costs:

  • Quality of Food: Premium brands have higher nutritional value but are costlier.
  • Special Diets: Some Maltese may require hypoallergenic or breed-specific formulas.
  • Treats: Healthy treats should be factored into the budget.
  • Portion Size: Smaller breeds eat less, reducing overall costs.
  • Buying in Bulk: Purchasing larger quantities may offer savings.

Health Care Expenses

Considering the health care expenses for a Maltese, yearly costs can run from €50 to over €300, encompassing routine medical care, vaccinations, and preventive measures. These figures are not arbitrary but stem from a detailed analysis of the necessary medical interventions a Maltese requires to maintain optimal health. Preventive care, an invaluable component, mitigates the risk of common canine ailments and potentially reduces long-term medical costs. It includes, but is not limited to, regular vaccinations, health and dental check-ups.

Strategically investing in pet insurance could defray unexpected expenses arising from emergencies or chronic conditions. Such foresight in financial planning for your Maltese’s health ensures that medical costs do not become a prohibitive factor in providing your companion with a high standard of care.

Grooming Essentials

Grooming essentials form a critical component of monthly Maltese maintenance, with sessions typically required every 8 to 12 weeks at a cost of €50 to €100, depending on the services utilized. Optimal grooming techniques are pivotal for coat maintenance and preventing matting, which is particularly prevalent in the Maltese breed due to their long, silky fur.

  • Regular Brushing: Essential to remove loose fur and prevent tangles.
  • Bathing: Necessary to keep the coat clean without stripping natural oils.
  • Hair Trimming: Helps maintain a manageable length and hygiene.
  • Ear Cleaning: Prevents infections due to build-up of debris.
  • Nail Clipping: Critical to avoid overgrowth and associated complications.

Investing in these grooming practices not only upholds aesthetic standards but also ensures the physiological well-being of your Maltese.

Unexpected Maltese Costs

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While the initial purchase price of a Maltese may seem considerable, potential owners should brace for additional, often unforeseen expenses that come with dog ownership. Yearly vet check-ups, while essential for maintaining the health of your Maltese, often incur costs that aren’t always obvious at the outset. These can include routine vaccinations, parasite prevention, and the management of any breed-specific health issues that may arise.

Additionally, it’s prudent to consider pet insurance to mitigate the financial impact of unexpected illnesses or accidents. Another cost that might not be immediately apparent is that of boarding services. When travel or emergencies disrupt your routine, reliable boarding can become a significant expense.

Here’s a table summarizing some potential unexpected costs:

Expense CategoryDescriptionEstimated Cost Range
Vet Check-UpsRoutine health assessments and preventative care€50 – €300 per visit
Pet InsuranceCoverage for unexpected health issues€200 – €600 annually
Boarding ServicesTemporary care during owner’s absence€10 – €30 per night
GroomingProfessional grooming sessions€50 – €100 per session
Dietary NeedsSpecialized food, supplements€50 – €90 annually

These figures are illustrative and can vary widely depending on location, the specific needs of your Maltese, and the level of care you choose to provide. It’s essential to approach the ownership of a Maltese with a comprehensive understanding of both fixed and variable costs to ensure a happy, healthy life for your pet.

Budgeting for Maltese Care

Financial planning for maltese dogs

When budgeting for Maltese care, it’s essential to allocate funds for recurring expenses such as food and medical care, which can amount normally to €85 to €400 per year. The variability in this range can be attributed to factors such as dietary needs, the choice of premium or basic food products, and the fluctuation in healthcare costs. To maintain financial balance, you’ve got to consider affordable grooming options and strategies for saving money on healthcare without compromising the wellbeing of your Maltese.

Here are several analytical points to enhance your budgeting strategy:

  • Compare prices of high-quality food: Research and select nutrient-rich options that provide value for money.
  • Affordable grooming options: Learn basic grooming skills to reduce professional grooming costs.
  • Preventive healthcare measures: Invest in preventative care to mitigate expensive treatments in the future.
  • Insurance considerations: Evaluate pet insurance plans that offer coverage aligning with your Maltese’s needs.
  • Emergency fund: Set aside a contingency budget for unexpected health issues.

Balancing essential expenses with a budget necessitates a systematic approach. This entails evaluating the cost-benefit of each expense, prioritizing your Maltese’s health, and seeking cost-effective solutions that ensure the provision of quality care.

Maltese Price at Woefkesranch

The price of a Maltese dog at Woefkesranch is €1500 because we are a dedicated and passionate dog breeder that exclusively sells puppies from our own breeding program. Our puppies are born and raised in our controlled environment, where we do not allow other dogs to enter to prevent the spread of bacteria and ensure a clean and healthy breeding environment. This strict hygiene protocol helps us produce exceptionally healthy puppies, which justifies the price of €1500 for our Maltese puppies. We prioritize the well-being and health of our dogs above all else, and our commitment to responsible breeding practices is reflected in the quality of our puppies.

To know our latest price, call us or visit our available pups page.


Below are the emails from our customers with their Maltese.

Maltezer - Rocky - 1 jaar
Bedankt voor de verjaardagswensen voor Rocky 1 jaar ❤👍

Maltezer - Rosie uit Geraardsbergen

Hallo dag Marleen en Wannes, 

Hier nog eens wat nieuws over onze Malthezer pup Rosie, alles gaat super goed met haar ze groeit als kool maar is toch een kleintje, ze heeft een eigen karaktertje maar is super lief en een knuffel meisje, ik stuur nog wat foto’s mee van haar eerste knipbeurt gisteren ze is om op te eten grtjs Lorrez Paul en katty 

Maltezer Louca: Schattige puppy's

Dag Marleen & Wannes,


Wat schattige Maltezer puppy’s hebben jullie weer,

wij raden deze zeker aan,

want wij hebben een mooi schatje van jullie.


lieve groetjes,

Fam.Verloo en Louca uit Hoboken 

Maltezer - Petange, Luxemburg

Elle dort sur la place de mon bichon qui est mort
Elle est née le 29/05/2022.
Mapa x Samson


Maltezer - Rik - Oudsbergen, België

Onze Rik is een zeer levendige hond die het liefst van al de hele dag in de tuin zou rondrennen. Hij gaat graag wandelen ,is niet graag alleen en knoken zijn zijn lievelingssnoepjes.


Jos en Jeannine L

Maltezer - Robert - Gent, België

Thank you so much for congratulations 🙂


Robert is a great, happy and super active puppy! Here are some pictures of him.


Thank you again :))


Kind regards 



Robert was born on the 15th of april 2022.
Snowy x Samson


Maltezer - Lexy - Ganshoren, België

Merci, notre petit Lexy nous comble de bonheur, il n’est pas encore tout à fait propre mais il est joyeux, gentil, affectueux et en bonne santé.


En pièces jointes quelques photos,


Bonne journée, 




Lexy est née le 15/04/2022.

Snowy x Samson

Maltezer - Plush


Vorige week, 30/01/23, is onze Plush, een Maltezer geboren 03/01/2006 in de Woefkensranch, van ouderdom in onze armen overleden.
Wij zijn dus heel tevreden van de Woefkensranch. 17 jaar oud, het is niet niks.
Momenteel zijn we alles nog aan het verwerken, maar stilletjes aan durven we al te denken aan een nieuwe dikke vriend.
We zouden dan opnieuw voor een Maltezer opteren.
Ik schreef me in en zal dan wel een mail ontvangen mocht er een nestje zijn.
Wij wilden jullie toch even bedanken voor onze Plush en hopen op termijn weer net zo’n goede, leuke hond bij jullie te kunnen kopen.
Aangezien we een volgende pup weer de volle aandacht willen geven, schatten we dat we er rond de zomer wel weer klaar voor zullen zijn.
met vriendelijke groeten
W & N


Maltezer: Babbetje

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar van Babbetje uit Bredene
Laad meer


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