West Highland White Terrier

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Alternative Names

Poltalloch terrier, Roseneath terrier, Westie

Country of Origin



The Westie is believed to have been developed on the Poltalloch estate of the Malcolm family and the Roseneath estate of the Duke of Argyll. It was bred to be part of a working pack used to hunt fox, badger, and vermin. Evidence of the breed is seen in two paintings by Sir Edwin Landseer done in about 1839. Despite its hunting past, most Westies are now companions. In the early twentieth century, the Westie was often mixed with the cairn terrier, their color difference being the main distinction between the breeds today.

Physical Description

The Westie is a small, well-balanced, and hardy dog with a compact body that is slightly taller than it is lang. It has a broad skull and blunt muzzle; dark brown, almond-shaped eyes; a black nose; and small, naturally erect ears with pointed tips. Its tail is short and shaped like an inverted carrot. It is double coated with a hard, straight outer coat that is about two inches long. The coat is bristly around its face, giving its head a rounded appearance.


10 to 11inches


15 to 20pounds


The Westie is an alert, fun loving, and friendly dog. It is stable, courageous, and self-reliant, with great self-esteem. Although it is independent, it is loyal to its family. Like most terriers, it tends to dig. It may not be suitable for all children.

Activity Level


Best Owner

This breed does well with a terrier-experienced owner; it is adaptable to city, suburban or rural life.

Special Needs

Attention, exercise, grooming, firm but positive training, socialization.

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