Belgian puppies? How do you recognize them?

Belgian puppies husky
Belgian puppies: husky
Belgian puppies dachshund
Belgian puppies: dachshund
Belgian puppy pomeranian
Belgian puppies: pomeranian
Belgian dogs, belgian passport

Every dog needs a passport. This passport is linked to a chip. The passport number of Belgian puppies / dogs always starts with BE.

What data does it contain?

A Belgian puppy has a BE passport. This Belgian passport contains, among other things, the details of the dog. These data are the most important facts to identify the dog. It states what the full chip number of the dog is. But also the breed, color and sex of the dog. Also check the date of birth stated in the passport and whether it corresponds with the age of the puppy. A 15-week-old puppy is normally teething. In addition to the dog’s details, you can also find the breeder’s details.

Passport as proof of vaccinations

Finally, perhaps one of the most important mentions is the vaccinations.

As well as other comments noted by the vet. If you go to the vet after purchase for an annual vaccination, the vet also needs his passport. Here, he fills in the newly given vaccination. In such a way that you can prove that your dog has been fully vaccinated according to the law.
The Belgian organization responsible for issuing dog passports is DogID
Your Belgian passport is usually also a European passport. You will need this when your dog goes on a trip.
In this case, he/she must be validly vaccinated against rabies.