Welsh Corgi Pembroke price: How much does a corgi cost?

The Welsh corgi Pembroke price is between 1500 and 2500 euros for a puppy. Accessories cost 100 to 800 euros. Then count another 300-400 euros per year for food and vet.

The price of a welsh corgi pembroke puppy depends on:

  • availabilty
  • age
  • colour

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Welsh Corgi Pembroke price of a puppy

A Corgi is already a somewhat rarer dog and this is reflected in the price. You can expect to pay between $1500 and $2500 for a puppy. An older puppy is sometimes cheaper, this is done deliberately so that every puppy has the same chance of finding a home.

Some corgi colors are a bit more expensive because they are rarer. If a breeder has many corgi puppies for sale at the same time, they may decide to sell their puppies a little cheaper than usual.

Pay attention! If you find a corgi puppy on a sales site, such as marketplace or secondhand, and the price is too good to be true, it often is. There is a whole criminal gang that sells dogs that they don’t have. They then ask to deposit money for the delivery of the puppy. When the delivery time is there, they ask for money again, etc. So that you lose a lot of money, but do not have a puppy.

How do you recognize a scammer?

  • you will receive a reply email with many spelling mistakes
  • the advertiser has no website
  • they only deliver the puppies, you can’t pick them up yourself
  • you can pay with Western Union
  • After you have paid the “low” cost of the puppy, they ask you to pay extra money for customs, extra vaccines, …

Buy Welsh corgi pembroke at Woefkesranch:

  • a welsh corgi pembroke puppy
  • a welsh corgi pembroke puppy that has been vaccinated
  • a welsh corgi pembroke puppy that has been dewormed
  • a welsh corgi pembroke puppy with a microchip
  • a welsh corgi pembroke puppy with warranty
  • service after purchase of puppy: 24h/24h service in case of problems and questions
  • tutoring with welsh corgi pembroke parenting tips

Read the emails from our satisfied customers here:

Our available Welsh corgi Pembroke puppies:

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Welsh corgi pembroke price

What do the accessories cost?

Accessories for a dog can cost little but also a lot. It depends on what luxury his owner wants.

One boss is satisfied with a standard basket, the other wants one that matches the interior.

One owner comes for a basic accessory for 100 to 200 euros. The other owner buys for 200 to 800 euros, basically the same accessories, just a bit more luxurious.

Below you will find a number of accessories examples.

Feeding costs of a corgi

A corgi has a healthy appetite, taking into account that you only give good quality dog food , a corgi puppy will eat on average for 10-20 euros per month.

When your corgi is an adult, he will eat an average of 10 to 20 euros each month. He will eat more than a puppy but the cost per kilo is only half as much.

Vet costs

A dog can get sick and may need a vet. Veterinarians can quickly cost several thousand euros for an operation. An annual check-up and vaccinations cost an average of 50 to 100 euros. Do you want to get rid of vet costs? Then opt for health insurance for your dog . You can go to the vet for almost free (up to a certain maximum amount per year).


Below are the emails from our customers with their Welsh Corgi Pembroke.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke - Roy - 1 jaar


Onze beste wensen voor 2024! Hier ons meisje corgie 1jaar half het is een flinke meid!

Corgi - Roy

Roy 6 maand vandaag op dierendag ! 10,300kg Zeer tevreden mee ! Vriendelijke groetjes Sonia !





Corgi - Royke

Onderwerp: Vandaag Roy 5 maand 9 kilo zo blij mee bedankt ervoor ! Mag deze bij op site ? groetjes Sonia


Corgi - Roy

Foto Roy 4 en halve maand ! Kan nog bij de foto’s daarvoor dank u wel

Roy, de Corgi

Foto’s van leeftijd van 3 weekjes tot 1 jaar.

Royke is de laatst zoon van onze Fons I
Dit maakt hem ook zo speciaal voor ons .
Hartelijk dank voor de foto’s Sonia!

Welsh Corgi Pembroke : Gust

Onze gust 😍 grtjes stefan en edwin 


Corgie - Evergem - België

Onderwerp: Ons Corgie


Hier ons meisje corgie 1 jaar vandaag 27/06/2023


Dochter van Fons I en Viper



Corgi en Beagle : Cookie en Lola
Bonjour Marleen,
Je vous envoie quelques photos de notre petit Cookie avec notre chienne beagle Lola de 6 ans. Il a déjà un peu gambadé dans notre jardin, fait quelques promenades dans le parc et commence à mieux manger.
Bonne journée.

Laad meer


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