What do you need to know about the Lagotto Romagnolo?

You want to buy a Lagotto Romagnolo or you already have one. And you are curious about the Lagotto Romagnolo character. Then read on and find out more about this breed.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient Italian breed that was originally used as a hunting dog and water retriever.

The origin of this breed lie in the Romagna area of Italy, referred to in the second half of their name. The first part of their name “Lagotto” means “duck dog” in the dialect of the local area.

Dogs of this breed were originally bred as hunting companions to help retrieve waterfowl in the marshlands of Romagna. However, towards the late 1800s, much of the marshlands in the region were drained, and these dogs may have been left without a job if it weren’t for the fact that their super noses made them excellent truffle hunters.

They are the only breed in modern times that is specifically bred for the job of truffle hunting.

Their size, agility, eagerness to please, and water-resistant coat meant they were perfectly suited to this task.

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Lagotto Romagnolo character


  • The dog is a hypoallergenic breed, which means it is suitable for an allergic patient.
  • They make a wonderful family dog because of their sweet and friendly temperament.
  • This breed is a great watchdog.
  • They are low droolers and shedders.
  • This dog has a surprisingly sharp sense of smell, is attentive to the owner, smart, gentle and disciplined.
  • They are natural water lovers, so if you are planning any water-related activity, this breed will be more than happy to join you.
  • Overall, the Lagotto is a playful, energetic, and intelligent breed that is highly trainable.
  • Sociable and friendly with everyone: friendly attitude towards other animals.
  • If you’re a family with older children, who live an active, outdoor life, this breed will suit you down to the ground.


  • They need a decent-sized fenced yard and frequent sessions of vigorous physical activity plus challenging mental stimulation.
  • Moderate to high grooming requirement, which will include clipping and trimming roughly every two months.
  • Not the best breed for gardeners, as the Lagotto loves to dig, especially in damp soil.
  • Some individuals are hyper-sensitive (even fearful) of strangers or unfamiliar sights, sounds, or situations.
  • They are not suitable for lazy owners who follow sedentary lifestyle.
  • The dog lacks aggression and fierceness to be effective guard dogs.
  • Not a mindless yapper, but does like to vocalize.
  • Also, the curly, wooly coat attracts dirt, leaves, pollen, and other debris, which can end up on your floor and furniture.
Lagotto romagnolo character
Lagotto Romagnolo character

Interesting Facts

  • There are numerous paintings from the Renaissance era that depict the Lagotto Romagnolo: Pittore Lombardo, Guercino, and Andrea Mantegna are three artists who have depicted the Lagotto in their work.
  • The world’s largest white truffle, weighing 1.8 kilo, was discovered in Italy by a Lagotto in 2014. The Prized fungi sold for $61.250 during an auction.
  • Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby named her Netflix project “Douglas” after her own Lagotto.
  • The plural of Lagotto is Lagotti.

Appearance of a Lagotto Romagnolo

Their undercoat is soft and dense, which keeps them warm. Topcoat is curly, wooly which helps the dog to shed water easily.

The male Lagotto stands at between 43 and 48 centimeters high, with the female slightly smaller at 41 – 46 centimeters. Males weigh in at 13 – 16 kilos and females 11 – 14 kilos.

They come in a wide range of colors, brown, brown roan, off-white, orange, white and brown, and white and orange. In terms of markings, a brown mask is acceptable. Some dogs may also have tan markings.

Usually, a healthy Lagotto dog has a life expectancy of about 15 – 17 years.

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Lagotto Romagnolo character


Their coat needs clipping on a regular basis, to prevent matting. Once this is done though, they only need the occasional brush between clips.

Some dog’s hair will tangle more easily than others, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on this when you give them a brush. They also don’t shed that much, as any hair that falls out tends to get caught in their curls.

Wash your Lagotto’s ear weekly with a gentle, dog-friendly cleanser to prevent dirt buildup that can cause infections.

Do Lagotti moult a lot?

Lagotti have double coats that are water-resistant and are made up of hair, rather than fur. This means that their hair grows more slowly, doesn’t shed as much.


The price of Lagotto typically ranges from 2000 to 5000 euros and the average price is 2500 euro.

Price range can vary based on the dog’s quality, lineage, location and quality of the breeder.

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Lagotto Romagnolo character

Exercise & trainability

A Lagotto Romagnolo needs plenty of exercise. This breed is active and definitely needs regular, daily walks. If you have a large yard, your dog can expend its energy in it and daily walks are not necessary.

Mental stimulation is almost as important as physical activity for this breed. Advanced training can help tremendously. Consider training them for obedience, agility, conformation, tracking or another dog sport.

Agility classes, Dock Diving, truffle searching and scent work are all ways to keep your dog’s body and mind active.

He is independent: however, with perseverance, patience and kindness, you can achieve good results.

They like mental challenges, but should not be faced with tasks so difficult that they become frustrated. Make sure that training sessions have the right balance between challenge and fun.

They do best with reward-based training, and may choose to avoid or ignore your training if you resort to correction-based training.

The Lagotto likes to dig, especially in damp soil, and will need patience and training to get them to stop digging.

Socialization at an early age will help your pup grow up to be a confident and well-behaved dog in a variety of situations.

Do they like to swim?

Lagotti are known as water dogs and are usually exceptional and eager swimmers. However, every dog has unique likes and dislikes, so if you have the rare Lagotto who doesn’t enjoy water, don’t force the issue.

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Picture of: Giorgio Di Sole e Terra. (Lagotto Romagnolo character)

Do they bark a lot?

They do bark, but they are known as a quiet breed and will bark to alert the house to visitors.

If a quiet dog is at the top of your list, the Lagotto is a good choice, especially when you give them plenty of activity and attention.

The Lagotto Romagnolo character: Friendliness

Lagotti will welcome kids with wagging tails if they’re raised with them from puppyhood. They tend to prefer children they know well and are not usually aggressive with strangers.

If Lagotti is accustomed to being in the company of cats and dogs from an early age, they can be patient and get along with their furry family members. When it comes to smaller pets such as hamsters and Guinea pigs, It may not be advisable to keep them together with your Lagotto. But with enough socialization from a young age, the dog can peacefully live with cats.

They can be somewhat aloof around strangers, so it’s important to teach them that strangers are trustworthy from a young age.

The Lagotto Romagnolo character: his adaptability

This breed can do well in apartments with an active family and adequate exercise. Where you live doesn’t matter, as long as you can walk the dog and keep it active.

Is a Lagotto Romagnolo a good guard dog?

The Lagotto is not only an excellent family pet, but also a great watchdog. They will be protective of their territory. However, they tend to ward off intruders with barks instead of aggression.

They will alert you to animals or people on your property. However, this breed will not generally attack; they are not guard dogs.

With time, they can even learn to trust people they often see, offering them a warm welcome into your home.

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Lagotto Romagnolo character
Health issues
  • These dogs can be prone to hip dysplasia, a genetic condition which can lead to the degeneration of the hip joint.
  • This breed can also suffer from a number of eye diseases, including juvenile cataracts and distichiasis.
  • Benign familial juvenile epilepsy (BFJE) can affect this breed. Seizures usually begin at around the age of 5 – 9 weeks, and often these seizures stop around 13 weeks.
  • Lysosomal storage disease is a neurodegenerative disease with severe symptoms. Affected dogs will show signs of clumsiness, abnormal eye movements, cerebellar ataxia and behavioral changes.


Below are the emails from our customers with their Lagotto Romagnolo.

Italiaanse Waterhond - Luna - Aalst
Hier madame is aan haar boekhouding bezig 😉
Rollo 💙💛 Norra

Lagotto Italiano - Azoukie




Hi there Wannes en Marlee; Happy Spring!


We wanted to share a huge thank you for bringing Azoukie into the world and into our lives. We share with you some photos of him at his 1 year birthday anniversary so you can see his adventures since he came home with us last August. 


We hope you all are well. Take good acre, 


Mandy, Elise and Azoukie xo



Afbeelding verwijderd door afzender.

Unia - Lagotto Romagnola - Ciney

Voici Unia en super forme !

Que du bonheur 😍

Unia, ° 27/03/2023

Rollo x MeryR5r8b41ynn6s3zkh2fjznw1sqb1825ffdhw3gkmfg1w ldsw1gytbc22sqjlw1q68vn3gkt2cw1vp4nh1 yr87n1s4kbj4w1

Lagotto - Cooper

Dag Marleen en Wannes 


We willen jullie graag laten weten dat het heel goed gaat met Cooper .

Deze week gaat Cooper naar de kapper.


Hij moet nog heel wat leren van ons en anderzijds moeten wij  hem nog beter leren begrijpen. 

Maar het gaat de goede kant uit .


We leren hem naar het hondentoilet te gaan achteraan in de tuin maar dat is niet gemakkelijk ! 

Hoe leggen we hem uit om daar zijn boodschap te doen? 

Eten en slapen zijn geen probleem 


We danken jullie voor Cooper en sturen jullie onze  vriendelijke groeten 


Herman en Magda 

De Vuyst Van Holsbeeck 





R5r8b41ynn6s3zkh2fcy2w20xmmx1v0kwgw3m0cxj1x2dgyw1gd2v43jf02lw3lhpm73z96ppw1 jkwd1 yr87n1s4kbj4w1

Lagotto Romagnolo - Georges
Lieve woefkesranch, ik wou even laten weten dat ik het goed doe. Ik maak zoveel stapjes vooruit in de hondenschool! Lieve groetjes vanuit Knokke! Georges – °14/10/23

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

lagotto Romagnolo - Baraka


Pour être tout à fait honnête, au prime abord lors de notre arrivée, nous nous sommes demandé où nous avions “atterri” :-) Un super marché de chiens (?) :-) Tant il y avait de monde et de chiens… Cela nous a un peu inquiétés…

Mais tout à fait aussi honnêtement, vous nous avez agréablement surpris par la propreté de vos installations, la qualité de vos chiots, votre patience (il en faut beaucoup dans votre métier), votre écoute et vos excellents conseils !

Evidemment comme la plupart de vos “adoptants” nous avons “craqués” comment faire autrement devant ces petites boules de poils, surtout que nous sommes repartis avec un chiot e 4 mois au lieu des 8 semaines habituelles, d’une race que nous ne connaissions pas du tout (Lagotto Romagnolo) alors que cela fait des mois que nous nous renseignons sur les “labra et/ou goldendoodle” …

Nous tenons aussi à vous féliciter pour votre professionnalisme non seulement au niveau de votre accueil mais aussi pour tous les documents administratifs que vous nous avez remis ! Donc non, pas trop de conseils à vous donner pour améliorer vos services que nous avons trouver excellents ! Bravo!!!

Nous ne manquerons pas de vous recommander auprès de toutes nos connaisances comme je vous l’ai écris dans mon whatsapp !

Bonne continuation !

Meilleures salutations,
Met vriendelijke groeten,
Best Regards,

Nadine H

BARAKA : betekent ‘geluk’BARAKA signifie bonheur

BARAKA means happiness

Lagatto : KARO

KARO  voor  het eerst  naar de hondentrimster, precies  een  klein  beertje! Aan jullie  gedacht  bij die  windhoos,daar.Hopelijk hebben  jullie  geen  schade gehad. Lieve Zuienkerkse groetjes en pootje KARO. 


Lagotto romagnolo -Toby
Hier helemaal vanuit het zuiden van Belgie, stuurt Toby en heel zijn gevolg jullie de beste wensen voor dit nieuwe jaar. Toby werd bij jullie geboren op 8 mei en is ondertussen al wat groter en wijzer. Een lief hondje!
Thanks, Manu

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Lagotto Romagnolo - Juul


Juul gaat morgen naar de kapper tis ne prachtige hond

Zijn er blij mee moet wel nog een beetje afleren (of wij)🤭🫣

Tnxxx Joëlle & Dirk Stalmans-Witters


Rollo x Lady


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