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Cockapoo dogs are a mixed dog breed that is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.

One of the notable features of Cockapoo dogs is their odorless coat, curly or wavy hair, and non-shedding nature. They have a low tendency to drool or snore, and are adaptable to apartment living, making them suitable for novice owners.

Appearance of Cockapoo dogs

Cockapoo dogs have a sturdy, square-built appearance, with coats that can be anything from straight to quite curly. They have the floppy ears of a cocker spaniel to frame their cute faces, and their eyes are almost always brown, and will generally be well-set and large.

They can come in a variety of colors and patterns, including black, white, red, brown, sable, tan, blonde, chocolate, blue, cream, and different combinations of multicolor coats. Their coats most commonly have long, loose curls that need to be brushed daily.


When it comes to grooming a Cockapoo dog, there are a few things to consider.

Cockapoos have curly or wavy hair that needs to be brushed regularly to avoid matting. A slicker brush can help remove knots and tangles, while a metal comb can be used to smooth the coat.

It’s also recommended to trim the hair around the paws, ears, and eyes to prevent irritation and infection.

In addition, bathing and nail trimming are important for a healthy pup.

A professional groomer can also help maintain your Cockapoo’s coat and keep them looking their best.

Character of Cockapoo dogs

Cockapoo dogs are known for being affectionate, loyal, and friendly dogs. They thrive on human companionship and love to be around people. They are highly intelligent and trainable, making them great family pets.

They have a moderate energy level and enjoy playtime, but also love to cuddle up with their owners. Cockapoos can be socialized easily, and are generally good with children and other pets. They are also known for having a sweet temperament, making them great therapy dogs.

Overall, Cockapoos are loving and fun companions that make great additions to any family.

Cockapoo dogs are generally good family dogs and can be great with kids. They have a moderate energy level and can be playful, which can be a bonus for families with children. However, due to their high energy and enthusiasm, they tend to do better with older children and should be supervised around young children. It is recommended to teach children how to properly approach and interact with dogs to ensure a safe and positive relationship.

Cockapoos are generally good with other pets and can make great companions for other animals in the household.  Cockapoos are social dogs and tend to get along well with other dogs and even cats if they are socialized properly.

However, it is still important to introduce them to other pets gradually and under supervision to ensure a smooth and positive relationship. It is also important to keep in mind that every dog has its own personality, and some Cockapoos may be more territorial or dominant than others.

Overall, Cockapoo dogs can be great additions to multi-pet households and can make great friends for other animals.

Exercise needs and training

According to several sources, a Cockapoo dog needs moderate exercise, which can range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes per day, depending on their age, size, and energy level.

This exercise should include daily walks, purposeful activity, and mental stimulation. Walking is considered the best exercise for puppies, which can be gradually increased based on their age.

Good exercises for Cockapoos include walking, running, playing fetch, and swimming. It is also important to note that the exercise requirements of a Cockapoo may vary according to their age, physical condition, and breeding.

Training a Cockapoo dog:

  1. Introduction
  • Cockapoos are intelligent, friendly, and loyal dogs
  • Training a Cockapoo is an important part of responsible pet ownership
  • Training a Cockapoo requires dedication, patience, and a positive attitude

2. Positive Reinforcement

  • Positive reinforcement is an important part of training a Cockapoo dog
  • Positive reinforcement should be used to reward desirable behavior
  • Positive reinforcement should be consistent and immediate

3. Establishing Rules and Boundaries

  • Establishing rules and boundaries is essential for training Cockapoo dogs
  • Rules and boundaries should be clear and consistent
  • Rules and boundaries should be enforced in a positive and consistent manner

4. Crate Training

  • Crate training is a great way to train a Cockapoo
  • Crate training should be done gradually and in a positive manner
  • Crate training should include the use of treats and positive reinforcement

5. Socialization

  • Socialization is an important part of training a Cockapoo
  • Socialization should be done gradually and in a positive manner
  • Socialization should include exposing the Cockapoo to other animals, people, and environments

6. Potty Training

  • Potty training is an important part of training a Cockapoo
  • Potty training should be done gradually and in a positive manner
  • Potty training should include the use of positive reinforcement and consistency

7. Commands

  • Commands are an important part of training a Cockapoo
  • Commands should be taught in a positive and consistent manner
  • Commands should be reinforced with positive reinforcement

8. Leash Training

  • Leash training is an important part of training a Cockapoo dog
  • Leash training should be done gradually and in a positive manner
  • Leash training should include the use of treats and positive reinforcement

9. Obedience Training

  • Obedience training is an important part of training a Cockapoo
  • Obedience training should be done gradually and in a positive manner
  • Obedience training should include the use of treats and positive reinforcement

10. Correcting Unwanted Behavior

  • Correcting unwanted behavior is an important part of training a Cockapoo dog
  • Unwanted behavior should be corrected in a positive and consistent manner
  • Unwanted behavior should be corrected using positive reinforcement and consistency

11. Problem-Solving

  • Problem-solving is an important part of training a Cockapoo
  • Problem-solving should be done gradually and in a positive manner
  • Problem-solving should include the use of treats, positive reinforcement, and consistency
Cockapoo care

Some fun facts about Cockapoo dogs

  • Cockapoos were first bred in the United States in the 1960s and are a hybrid breed of dog, created by cross-breeding a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle.
  • Cockapoos are known for their shining personality and being good with children, making them a great family dog.
  • Cockapoo dogs are also known for their boundless energy and intelligence, which allows them to be trained relatively easily, so they can learn various tricks and commands. They are also emotionally intelligent and make great companions.
  • Cockapoos don’t shed much, so they are a great choice for people who are allergic to dogs or who don’t want to deal with lots of dog hair.
  • Cockapoo dogs are known for following their owners everywhere they go, which makes them excellent therapy dogs and good for people who can be a bit nervous around dogs or for patients who struggle to move from their hospital beds.
  • Keeping their lovable smiles healthy takes dedication in the form of regular check-ups with the vet to avoid any dental problems.


Below are the emails from our customers with their Cockapoo.

Cockapoo - Billie
Onderwerp: Anniversaire BillieBonjour,

Voici un petit récapitulatif de la journée d’anniversaire de Billie 🙂

Bonne journée !

S. R. – La Hulpe

Hathi x Marcel
° 14/11/2022

Cockapoo: Jazzie Happy 1 🦴🐾🐶


Notre chiot a effectivement 1 aujourd’hui. Nous sommes très heureux et surtout très chanceux d avoir Jazzie, une petite chien aussi câline que joueuse. Elle est vive, intelligente et pleine de vie, une vraie bouffée d amour dans notre quotidien. 

Belle journée

Romy & Sébastien


Jo x Marcel

Cockapoo -België

Bedankt voor de verjaardagswensen  

Verzonden vanaf mijn Stoomstrijkijzer-2.

Patrick Simoens

Marcel x Jo



Cockapoo - Zwitserland

Dear Marleen,


A big thank you from 🐕.


He is doing fine (of course still learning) and we are very happy, having him as a family member. 


Best wishes,

Patricia and Thomas

Cockapoo - Seamus

Bonjour et merci pour ce rappel 🙂

Seamus va très bien 🙂

Et nous aussi !!!!

Meilleurs sentiments,


Cockapoo - Houdini

Hoi hoi,

Houdini is ondertussen een weekje bij ons.  Hij is het al helemaal gewoon, en loopt de hele tijd achter Yoshi aan (onze Shiba Inu). 

Als Houdini druk doet (lees: wakker is) zien we Yoshi soms denken van “Moest dit nu echt?”, maar we zorgen er voor dat de 2 honden genoeg “me-time” krijgen.

Maar Houdini is dus echt wel een schatje.  De eerste dag nog heel bang en voorzichtig, geen halve meter uit onze buurt durven gaan, maar nu is hij helemaal thuis.  Regen of geen regen, hij loopt door het luikje naar buiten en terug naar binnen wanneer hij er zin in heeft, hij kan even alleen zijn zonder te panikeren, hij huppelt met behulp van een trapje zetel in en uit.  Betekent niet dat hij niet aanhankelijk is hoor, integendeel, het blijft een schaduw die rond je danst als je in huis rondwandelt.  Als je even stil staat of op een stoel gaat zitten ligt hij dadelijk tussen je voeten, en als je in de zetel gaat zitten ligt hij op je schoot of in je nek 😊.  Hij heeft onze harten gestolen, en de harten van iedereen die hem al gezien heeft.

Hieronder wat foto’s…



Cockapoo - F1B
We are very happy with our experience at Woefkesranch. You welcomed us
into the kennel with beautiful hospitality. You were very knowledgeable
about all of your dog breeds and helped us select a dog that was suited for
our wants an needs. Our communication together was excellent, and whenever
we had questions you answered them very thoroughly and quickly. We
appreciate your expertise and your kindness showed throughout the process.Thank you.

Mandy and Élise

Cockapoo - Baziel - Gijzegem, België
Ik ben Baziel, een cockapoo van 1 jaar. Mijn baasjes hebben me geadopteerd juist voor kerstmis 2022. Maar ze konden me al vanals ik bij mijn vorige baasjes ging. Mijn vorige baasje was verliefd op me en kocht me bij de Woefkesranch International rashondenkwekerij. Maar had niet verwacht dat ik zo groot ging worden. Ook heb ik last van verlatingsangst. Mijn bazinnetje nu is elke dag thuis dus dat is VEEL leuker. En ik zie mijn vorige baasjes nog elke dag.

Baziel is geboren op 25/03/2022
Cookie Mini x Marcel
Cockapoo - Basiel - Dendermonde, België

Dag Marleen,

Het lukt me niet om foto’s van Basiel up te loaden, dus ik stuur ze via deze weg. Hij is inmiddels een kilo aangekomen. Een droom van een puppy. 😍


Judy x Marcel

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