What do you need to know about the Cockapoo?

Cockapoo dogs are a hybrid, crossed between an English Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. On some occasions, the American Cocker Spaniel may be used for crossbreeding instead.

Unlike the other designer dog breeds, Cockapoos are old hybrids that have been popular since the 1960s.

While the ACK doesn’t recognize Cockapoos as a true breed yet, they are considered as a mixed-breed dog. In fact, Mary D. Foley founded the American Cockapoo Club in 1988 to preserve this wonderful breed.


  • The cockapoo dog is a very trainable canine and an ideal pick for first-time dog owners.
  • They don’t shed, or they don’t shed very much.
  • When it comes to training Cockapoos, they’re much easier to train and are a quick learner as compared to other breeds.
  • Depending on its personality, some are more active than the others, and some prefer to simply cuddle with you all day.
  • They even adapt well to the housebreaking process, better than most other dogs of their size.
  • Compared to other breeds and crossbreeds similarly sized, Cockapoos are dogs known to better adapt to a new home.
  • These dogs are fairly quiet and don’t bark a lot. Cockapoos may give an alert of someone approaching their territory.
  • Cockapoos are a very accepting breed and are happy with both children and older members of the family.
  • You will also find that they get on with most other animals, including other dogs, rabbits and cats.
  • Cockapoo dogs have a longer lifespan than many other breeds.


  • Despite being low shedding dogs, Cockapoos have extensive grooming needs
  • As with all crossbreeds, there is no guarantee that a cockapoo will inherit desired traits from their cocker spaniel or poodle parent.
  • Cockapoo dogs can suffer from separation anxiety, just like any other dog breed.
  • Ear infections: cockapoo dogs have what are called pendulous ears, which require cleaning to prevent the buildup of wax

Interesting facts

  • Cockapoos are excellent therapy dogs for people who suffer from depression.
  • Unlike many other breeds of dogs, Cockapoos don’t leave dander and odor on furniture and other household items.

Appearance of a Cockapoo dog

The Cockapoos coat is either straight, or curly, but it is never kinky. It has a single, long coat that comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, including black, white, red, brown, sable, tan, blonder, and a combination of colors and patterns.

The Cockapoo grows to be about 36 – 38 cm tall and weigh between 5.4 and 11 kilograms.

This breed has a life span of 12 to 15 years, which is typical for its size, but long enough compared to other breeds. The American cockapoo club believes that this breed can live up to 18 years.

Cockapoo dog


The cockapoo might inherit more qualities from one parent than the other.

Those that closely share the poodle’s coat won’t shed their fur. This gives them the hypoallergenic feature and because of this, brushing will be needed once a week.

Cockapoo dogs inherited a similar coat to the cocker spaniel won’t be hypoallergenic. They’ll also shed more than those with curly fur, so do keep this in mind. Soft bristle brushes, metal combs, and slicker brushes are ideal tools for this type of fur.

Bathing should not be frequent; 2 to 3 times in a year is sufficient. It is advisable to brush the coat first, as tangles are considerably more difficult to remove when damp.

Make sure to check and clean their ears gently at least once a week, using cotton balls and a vet-recommended cleaning solution.

File their nails every when necessary.

Price of a Cockapoo dog

The price for a Cockapoo puppy starts from 2000 euros and can go up to 3500 euros.

Price range can vary based on the dog’s quality, lineage, location, and quality of the breeder

Exercise & trainability

Because of its modest energy level, physical activity, such as fetch or a walk in the park, is sufficient to meet its exercise needs and prevent obesity. You can also use this time to bond with your dog by playing in the backyard as the owner.

Puzzle toys will also aid to stimulate your dog’s thinking.

Puppies can be trained as early as 8 weeks, and the sooner they start, the easier it will be. They do a fantastic job of accepting commands because of their high intelligence and desire to please their masters.

Positive reinforcement tactics like as food rewards, praises, and pleasant play time should be used to successfully educate this dog. They may also pick up on your tone of voice and emotions, so be careful how you express yourself because it may affect their mood as well.

Agility training is a great opportunity to spend time with your cockapoo dog while also participating in a fun sport.


Cocker spaniel and poodle are two of the smartest dog breeds out there; therefore, expect Cockapoos to be a highly intelligent dog.

They do, however, get bored more rapidly than other breeds due to their intellect. So, it is important to keep this little hybrid’s mind busy all the time. If not, then expect some negative behavior to be developed.

Are Cockapoo dogs good swimmers?

Cockapoos are natural-born swimmers and know very well how to orient themselves in the water.

The reason why this breed loves swimming is their mix of the breeds poodle and cocker spaniels. Some cockapoo dogs have the same webbed feet as the poodle parent, and this gives these dogs an advantage when swimming.


They are known to be remarkable family pets thanks to their playful, friendly, and gentle nature. Their size and tolerance make them ideal around smaller children.

Cockapoo dogs can get along very well with other dogs. They can also live among different canines and even cats.

The cockapoo puppy will need socialization around those they don’t know to prevent fear. If they’ve been socialized correctly, cockapoo dogs will feel at ease around strangers. If their owner decides to invite a stranger into their home, the cockapoo will happily greet and befriend them.


Cockapoos are noted for their ability to adapt to their surroundings. This dog may live in either an apartment or a house with a backyard.

Cockapoos can be a great first dog, as long as they receive dedicated training and the right care, such as making sure they get plenty of socialization and exercise.

This breed barks infrequently, making them a great companion if you live in an apartment with noise restrictions. Although some dogs may bark when approached by strangers or bored, this can be avoided with good training.

Cockapoos flourish when they’re with their family, and if they feel alone or abandoned, they may experience separation anxiety. This could lead to harmful behaviors such as excessive barking and chewing, but with proper training, the puppy can also stay alone without harmful behavior.

Is a Cockapoo a good guard dog?

Cockapoos are a friendly dog and won’t exactly make what’s a traditional guard dog and scare people.

They can be good watch dogs, but not exactly guard dogs. Their personality and temperament do not lend them well to protecting and attacking.

While they might not have a problem notifying the family that someone is at the door or outside. They are more likely to befriend that person who protects the family.

Health issues

While hybrid dogs, such as Cockapoos, are generally healthier than their parents, they are susceptible to certain hereditary diseases and health problems.

Cataracts, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, allergies, and liver disease are all possible in Cockapoos.