The character of a Labradoodle? An amazing dog

You are probably reading this blog because you want to know what the character of a Labradoodle is? It is important to know how the Labradoodle originated in order to recognize the character of the ancestors.

A labradoodle’s character is friendly, loyal, and energetic. Hence, he is sometimes described as the ideal family dog.

Character of a labradoodle’s ancestors

The labradoodle originated mainly from a labrador retriever and a poodle. Other breeds have been bred in it, but they can only be found in the DNA for a few percent.

If you want to know the character of a labradoodle, you will mainly have to look at the character of a poodle and labrador retriever.

Labrador retriever

The labrador retriever, or labrador for short, is known as the clown among dogs. He is always in a good mood, likes to play, has a balanced character and is a real companion for children.

The short-haired breed that belongs to the hunting dogs can be stormy at times and is also very greedy .


The poodle character is an irresistible mix of intelligence, charm, docile diligence, great friendliness and sociability. They are also slightly more cautious by nature than a Labrador.

Small Poodles are generally more alert and nervous than the King Poodle. Therefore, there may be slight activity level differences between different labradoodles.

Character of a Labradoodle 

Friendly, loyal and energetic, the Labradoodle has become very popular.

Character of a labradoodle

The Labradoodle gets along well with children provided they are well socialized. Other animals should succeed if they are used to it from a very young age, there is still a hunting instinct in some dogs.

The Labradoodle is very easy to train and is very intelligent. They are very intuitive, but can also be energetic.  This dog is becoming very popular in the average home environment.

Behavior towards children

Dogs look up to their owner and will therefore also obey their master if you teach them to listen to commands when they are young.

Because dogs see small children lower in rank, they will not obey that either. Unless the children are already slightly older such as teenagers and adolescents.

Never leave small children alone with a dog. Even if it is a Labradoodle.

Now it seems like a labradoodle cannot be trusted with children, while the labradoodle is one of the most child-friendly dog breeds .

You’re just never sure with an animal. Your child can also pull his hair or tail unexpectedly and you do not know how the dog reacts to it.

Behavior towards other dogs

A labradoodle is a social dog, so social contact with other dogs is not a problem. It is best to get your labradoodle puppy used to other dogs at a young age.

Just like with people, there are also dogs that can’t stand each other or sometimes argue. So always make sure that someone checks the behavior when you first meet another dog.

Behavior towards other animals

A labradoodle can be with other animals if he is used to it from a young age.

Placing an adult cat and an adult dog together for the first time is usually not a good idea. If you teach the puppy to deal with it from a young age, you will succeed. The puppy adapts to the cat and learns to take the cat into account.

Rabbits and other rodents will be slightly more difficult, but not impossible. Especially because the rabbit isn’t going to like it that much. The rabbit will not defend itself but will run away, which triggers the dog to run after it.

Birds such as parrots can but you should always check. A parrot has a powerful bite that could injure your puppy.


Below are the emails from our customers with their Labradoodle.

Labradoodle - KARO uit Zuienkerke

Beste  Wensen en Gezond 2024.Mijn  KARO doet het  schitterend, ik  zou  hem  niet meer  kunnen  missen. We gaan  naar de honden training hier,Onze  Trouwe Viervoeters en hij gaat over al mee,zit ook graag mee ,in de auto.  We wandelen  ook veel,o.a.op het strand.         Mvg.                                                                 Catherine en  KARO.

Fijne kerstdagen en een gezond 2024!🎄 Groetjes Rob Moniek en Olaf

Olaf : nestje van Nougat en Baron dd 14/01/2023

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Labradoodle - Simba

Simba, 2 jaar



Mups x Baron


Jan C – Sijsele





Labradoodle - Beau

Diverse foto’s van onze jarige Beau

Beste Marleen,
Dank voor de felecitaties van onze jarige Beau Zoals u ziet is het al een flinke jongen.
Hij weegt 25 kilo en is heel sterk
Hij is heel lief en ook vaak niet, dan plakken wij hem achter het behang De laatste foto is hij net bij de kapper geweest.
Hij is een echte vrouwenversierder
Vriendelijke groet
Henk en Ria G.🎂🥂

Den Haan
° 29/10/2022
Freggle x Balou

Labradoodle - MAYA

MAYA en ARTIST gaan haar verjaardag vieren 🥳 🎈🎊🎉🎂

Freggle x Balou
Labradoodle - Nette

Nette is 1jaar.

 Zoals gevraagd foto’s van onze hond . 


Groetjes: Evy en Niels

 Freggle x Balou


Labradoodle - Chouffeke

Chouffeke is 1 jaar geworden . We klinken op zijn verjaardag met het gelijk-namig biertje

Chouffeke is 10 oktober 2022 geboren
Rollo 💙💛 Dora

Labradoodle - Zappa

Zie hier Zappa 6maand jong waarvan 3 maand bij ons Grtjes Heidi

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Labradoodle - KARO Zuienkerke

KARO Zuienkerke


Ik ben al gegroeid  hé!Wanneer moet ik voor het eerst getrimd  worden? Ik ben  5maand geworden ,ik laat mij dagelijks  borstelen en kammen.                 


                Vriendelijke  groetjes en  pootje KARO. 


Marga x Baloe

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