Labradoodle Price? The price of a labradoodle

Labradoodle price? A Labradoodle is more expensive than the average purebred dog, because Labradoodles are quite rare. Yes, Labradoodles can have a high price.

You need several generations to get a real Labradoodle. In addition to the purchase costs, you must also take into account food costs, veterinarians, training and toys.

Labradoodle dog price
Labradoodle price

Everyone has a different income and expenditure pattern and will adapt this to the dog . Some want to make a small palace for their Labradoodle, others go for a dog bed in the kitchen. Anyway, as long as your Labradoodle gets basic care and a lot of love, he or she will become a happy dog.

In this blog post we inform you about the costs of an average Labradoodle. In addition to the costs listed below, it is wise to take unexpected expenses into account. For example, it may be that your Labradoodle has to go to the vet an extra time or that you have to buy special food because your dog cannot stand a certain brand.

Labradoodle puppie price
Labradoodle price

Labradoodle price – Purchase price of a labradoodle

The price of a Labradoodle puppy depends on:

  • availabilty
  • Age
  • Color

A good target price for a Labradoodle is € 1500 to € 3000.

Labradoodle what price
Labradoodle price

View our available Labradoodle puppies for the current price

Sometimes you will find Labradoodle puppies at abnormally low prices on sales sites (kapaza, second-hand, marketplace, etc.). Often these are advertisements from scammers.

Wherever you buy a Labradoodle, ask the breeder if you can look at the litter when the puppies are old enough and ask questions about the health of their parents. If the breeder refuses, this is a bad sign. A good breeder is proud of his dogs and is happy to show them to future owners.
At Woefkesranch you can see the puppies together with their mother. Call us or drop by !

Price labradoodle puppy
Labradoodle price

Veterinary price for a Labradoodle

An adult Labradoodle entails less veterinary costs than a puppy. A puppy has to go to the vet on average a few times in its first year, a healthy, adult Labradoodle only needs to be checked annually. A reliable breeder has already had the pups dewormed, vaccinated and thoroughly checked by the vet.

Every veterinarian is not the same and neither is their price. One works for an average wage, while the other may like to get rich quickly (a bread vet). hence it is not always easy to give an average price.

You can opt for veterinary insurance . This is not unwise, since veterinary costs can also increase considerably, especially with puppies and older dogs. Veterinary insurance depends on the weight, age and breed of a dog. For a Labradoodle you pay between 20 and 35 euros per month, depending on the coverage. You can take out your veterinary insurance policy with Petplan .

Labradoodle for sale
Labradoodle price

Puppy course

A puppy course is recommended, but is not an obligation. At a good dog school you learn how to deal with your dog to teach him or her the right behavior.

They are active and child-friendly dear ones, but they must learn the right behavior

Apart from the fact that these courses are very useful, dogs often enjoy them because they learn to interact with other dogs, get a lot of exercise and play fun games. The bond between owner and dog is strengthened by the training, so see this primarily as an investment in a nicer dog.

Puppy courses can vary considerably in price, but costs on average between 125 and 200 euros (for eight to ten meetings). Many dog training centers offer follow-up courses and private training, these are usually a lot more expensive.

Labradoodle breeder
Labradoodle price


Dog food is a very important expense that you can make as expensive or as cheap as you want. You can get cheap dog food at the supermarket. You can buy more expensive food that is suitable for dogs with allergies at specialist shops or via the vet.

You can buy a quality brand for your dog, this saves you many problems afterwards. Examples are: Eukanuba , Royal canin . Everyone makes their own choices, but bear in mind that better quality feed influences the health of your labradoodle. A dog that grows up healthily means lower veterinary costs and of course a more active and sociable dog that is a lot happier.

Anyway, a larger dog like the Labradoodle eats significantly more than a small dog. You can count around a budget of 60 euros per month for feeding a Labradoodle.

Labradoodle chocolad price
Labradoodle price

Grooming salon

The beautiful coat of the labradoodle demands the necessary hours of care. A puppy has to go to a grooming salon for the first time between seven months and one year old because it will get an adult coat. Both puppies and adult Labradoodles must be brushed and trimmed regularly.

A grooming salon requires between 80 euros and 110 euros for a Labradoodle, depending on the size.

Neatly brushed Labradoodles can also have felted pieces in their fur. Then there is only one thing: to the hairdresser! In the worst case scenario, a Labradoodle must be completely shaved. To save costs, you can follow a course to learn how to care for and trim the coat of your Labradoodle.

How much cost a labradoodle
Labradoodle price

How do you recognize a scammer?

  • You will receive a reply e-mail in poor Dutch
  • The advertiser has no site
  • You cannot collect the Labradoodle puppies yourself from the advertiser
  • You can pay with Western Union
  • After payment of the “low” selling price, the “seller” asks for extra money for customs costs, extra vaccines, …
  • All the money deposited is the buyer LIES!
What is the price of a labradoodle
Labradoodle price

To buy a Labradoodle puppy at Woefkesranch:

  • A young Labradoodle puppy (available from the age of 8 weeks)
  • A Labradoodle puppy that has been vaccinated
  • A Labradoodle puppy that has been dewormed
  • A Labradoodle puppy identified with a microchip
  • The Labradoodle puppy is sold with a written guarantee
  • After-sales service: unique in Belgium, you get a 24-hour service here: you can reach our team 24 hours a day for urgent ‘puppy questions’
  • Guidance with Labradoodle parenting tips

Read the emails from our satisfied customers via:

View our available Labradoodle puppies via:

Labradoodle puppies luxemburg
Labradoodle price

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Below are the emails from our customers with their Labradoodle.

Chocolade Labradoodle - Karo - Zuienkerke

Flinke  KARO, hij gaat overal  mee waar het kan en mag. Ook  op restaurant, ligt hij onder tafel rustig. Op de  hondentraining, onze  trouwe Viervoeters, doet hij zijn best en gaat graag op strand  lopen, ook van het water  geen  schrik. En thuis gewillig en genieten van de  douche komt  er  ook bij! Mijn liefste  compagnon de route.

Dikke  poot van KARO en streeltje  en lieve groetjes van  zijn baasje.

° 28/04/2024
Balou x  Marga

Labradoodle - Leo - Oostnieuwkerke

Hallo Marleen,

Bedankt voor de felicitaties voor Leo zijn eerste verjaardag.
We stellen het heel goed met Leo 😀.

Het is een flinke hond geworden met natuurlijk de bijhorende puberstreken. We zouden hem niet meer kunnen missen. 

Ik heb in bijlage wat foto’s toegevoegd.

Veel groetjes 

Hannelore, Jelle, Janah, Lucas en Leo. 

Baloe x Marga

Labradoodle - Rocky
Lentefeest van Mauro en Rocky 😉💙💛
Labradoodle - Elvis
Slechts 5 dagen bij baasje …Onze kerel doet het prima…in de bench gaat hij al zelf liggen! Vraagt (meestal toch) om buiten te gaan. Af en toe nog een ongelukje maar hij doet het prima. Loopt zelf helemaal alleen de trap op 👍
Labradoodle - KARO uit Zuienkerke

Beste  Wensen en Gezond 2024.Mijn  KARO doet het  schitterend, ik  zou  hem  niet meer  kunnen  missen. We gaan  naar de honden training hier,Onze  Trouwe Viervoeters en hij gaat over al mee,zit ook graag mee ,in de auto.  We wandelen  ook veel,o.a.op het strand.         Mvg.                                                                 Catherine en  KARO.

Fijne kerstdagen en een gezond 2024!🎄 Groetjes Rob Moniek en Olaf

Olaf : nestje van Nougat en Baron dd 14/01/2023

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Labradoodle - Simba

Simba, 2 jaar



Mups x Baron


Jan C – Sijsele





Labradoodle - Beau

Diverse foto’s van onze jarige Beau

Beste Marleen,
Dank voor de felecitaties van onze jarige Beau Zoals u ziet is het al een flinke jongen.
Hij weegt 25 kilo en is heel sterk
Hij is heel lief en ook vaak niet, dan plakken wij hem achter het behang De laatste foto is hij net bij de kapper geweest.
Hij is een echte vrouwenversierder
Vriendelijke groet
Henk en Ria G.🎂🥂

Den Haan
° 29/10/2022
Freggle x Balou

Labradoodle - MAYA

MAYA en ARTIST gaan haar verjaardag vieren 🥳 🎈🎊🎉🎂

Freggle x Balou
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