Now that the importance of rewards in dog training has been demonstrated, it is important to take a moment to consider the type of reward. Healthy snacks are also important for your dog!

No sugar

In the past, everyone gave their dog a lump of sugar as a treat, but luckily those days are over. Sugar is harmful to teeth and their general well-being. More and more dogs are overweight. This causes diabetes, rheumatism, shortness of breath or kidney problems. Enough reasons to give your dog healthy snacks!

Some substances, such as cola, chocolate, and tea, are even toxic to dogs. It contains theobromine. That is a substance that can shock your dog and even kill it. Sugar-free sweets are also not good for a dog. This often contains xylitol, a sugar substitute. Although this substance is harmless to humans, it can be deadly to your dogs.

Healthy snacks

Good for humans, sometimes bad for dogs

Healthy snacks for humans can sometimes make your dogs sick:

What healthy snacks are allowed?

A dog biscuit now and then is harmless. A piece of apple or raw carrot won’t hurt either. Know that it’s not about the quantity, it’s about getting something. Your dog is just as satisfied with a small piece of cake as with a whole cake. It is best to give dog biscuits because they contain less harmful substances. In addition, they are better for their teeth.

From ‘Family’ December 2007

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