Are you also crazy about long-eared dogs? We can imagine that. The dogs are always a fun and funny display. Dogs with long ears often have a high cuddle content and are therefore very popular. Some breeds of dogs can move their large ears, but in other breeds the ears can only hang down along the head. In this article, we list a number of nice dogs with long ears.

#1 The Beagle

The beagle is a well-known breed that is a really nice family dog with nice long ears. This breed gets along very well with children and can take a brisk walk. But even without children, the beagle will become your best friend. Furthermore, the beagle is a breed that is stubborn and likes to hunt other animals, in the forest it is best to keep an eye on him. The beagle is not too big and can therefore also be kept as a pet in smaller houses. Of course, they need their exercise.

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Long-eared dog
Long-eared dog: beagle

#2 The Dachshund

One of the most famous long-eared dogs is the Dachshund. The Dachshund was once bred to hunt and is therefore a real hunting dog. In the forest, the dogs tend to run after rabbits and also shoot down the rabbit hole. The dogs have not lost their hunting instincts yet. The dogs have enormous stamina and therefore like to run and play. This breed is easy to keep in a family with children.

However, this breed does have a vein in the grass, they prefer not to obey. So if you want to have a well-trained Dachshund, you will have to put a lot of attention and energy into training him. With attention and discipline, it is certainly possible to train your Dachshund into a dog that will follow your instructions neatly.

Stopping a game is very difficult for the Dachshund, they want more and more and with their good condition, they have no brakes. The dogs have to be stopped literally and figuratively and forced to rest. Otherwise, this faithful companion will go on all day long.

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Long-eared dog: dachshund

#3 The Poodle

The Poodle is an elegant, lively dog with a lavishly curly coat. The ears are long, flat and wide, lying close to the head. The head is long with dark almond shaped eyes that have a watchful expression.

The teeth should have a scissor bite. A good Poodle has approximately a square silhouette, with the same length as height at the withers. The feet are small, oval, with arched toes.

The coat can be groomed in three basic styles: with fairly short hair all over the body, with the back half shaved, bracelets around the ankles, and pom poms on the left tails and hips. All colors are acceptable.

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Long-eared dog: poodle

#4 The Golden Retriever

The golden retriever has long been a popular long-eared dog. Perhaps, because Golden Retrievers are sweet, well-mannered, intelligent dogs with a great charm. They are easy to train and always patient and gentle with children. It is an active family dog. Golden Retrievers enjoy the presence of their owners. They are very obedience and excel in obedience competitions.

They are friendly with everyone, including other dogs. He is usually patient and good-natured with children. Although they will not attack a stranger, Golden Retrievers will make themselves heard when a strange person is on their domain. Still a real people friend, but not very watchful because of that. This breed needs to be with people to be happy. It is not good to leave a Golden Retriever alone or isolate it from human contact for long. Golden’s are also fine hunting dogs, both on land and in the water. He has an excellent nose, and not only for hunting and tracking, but also for narcotics detection. Due to its great need for appreciation and learning, the Golden Retriever is also used as a guide for the blind, therapy dog and service dog for the disabled.

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Long-eared dog: Golden Retriever

#5 The Labradoodle

The labradoodle has been gaining popularity recently. Maybe because it’s a long-eared dog, or maybe because of Barack Obama?

Because the labradoodles are not yet a recognized dog breed with established external characteristics, dogs can differ quite a bit from each other.

Mini labradoodles, for example, are between 40 & 45 cm high with a weight that fluctuates between 10 and 20 kg. An average height of a labradoodle is about 45 to 58 cm tall and weighs up to 23 kg.

Typical for this dog is its non-moulting coat. Because of this, he usually loses much less hair than other dog breeds, which greatly reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

The coat comes in different colors such as white, red, brown, black, silver, caramel chocolate brown, apricot and golden. The structure of the coat can also differ greatly. Some doodles have curls, while others have long straight hair or sometimes even short hair.

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Long-eared dog: labradoodle

The English Cocker Spaniel

A sporty, affectionate and cheerful dog with big ears, that is the Cocker Spaniel. The dogs need an owner with a strong character because they can be stubborn in some way and therefore require a solid education.

This breed also has a coat that needs good care every day. The dogs therefore require daily maintenance, in addition to the daily walks that you do. The Cocker Spaniel prefers to follow his master all day long, these dogs are so attached and loyal. This breed also has instructions with children because the dogs do not let themselves be messed with. If children bother him or start bullying him, the dog intervenes.

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Long-eared dog: English Cocker Spaniel

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Funny fact about dogs with long ears.

Did you know that dogs with large ears sometimes have trouble drinking or eating from a normal food or water bowl? Their ears are often in the way. There are therefore special water and food bowls especially for dogs with long ears, with these bowls the dogs no longer suffer from their long ears when eating or drinking.

Additional varieties

Some breeds that we do not breed ourselves, but they are dogs with long ears.

The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador is a sturdy, muscular dog, slightly longer than tall. They have a short, hard, easy-care, water-resistant double coat that has no waves. The undercoat protects the Labrador from the cold, and the outer coat protects against water.
The colors can be black, yellow or chocolate color. The Labrador has a broad head, thick nose, scissor bite teeth, a fairly broad muzzle and its neck is powerful. Labradors have chestnut or hazel eyes with an intelligent expression. The ears have a smooth feel and are set far back. The otter tail is strong, with thick hair close to the body. The tail is carried gaily, but should not curl over the back. His limbs have good bone structure.

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Long-eared dog: Labrador

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a low-legged hunting dog of Anglo-French descent. Characteristics of the basset hound are a robust build, short legs, loose scalp, drooping lower eyelids and long ears. The short-haired coat is usually tricolor (black-white-brown) or red-white. The French term ‘basset’ means as much as low and refers to the build of the dog.

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Long-eared dog: Basset Hound