Pomsky: How big does he get?

You’re looking for a Pomsky, because you fell in love with this dog breed. Or maybe because you want a Husky with the size of a Pomeranian. Unfortunately, I will immediately tell you the truth about their size.

This breed grows up to be about 30-45 cm with a weight of 10 to 15 kg. Although it is very difficult to put a guideline on it since this breed is still in its infancy. It is a crossbreed and they can differ in size.

Do you want to know more about how big they will get? We’ll explain it to you in detail in this blog post.

How big is a pomsky going to be?

Because it is still a new breed there will be large differences among them. Both in size and color. We and other pomsky breeders still have to select to a breed standard. And it also happens that puppies are born with different colors than expected.

Although we cannot say 100% what size they will be, from experience we can put a number on it.

An F1 pomsky grows on average between 30 and 45 cm tall. While an F2 is likely to stay smaller, F2 pomskys usually grow between 25 and 45 cm tall.

Below is an example of a puppy of ours. On the left he is 4 months old, on the right adult.

Difference between F1 and F2 pomsky’s

An F1 pomsky is a pure cross of a husky as the mother with a pomeranian as the father. An F2 has an F1 pomsky as its father and mother.

The puppies are not all right in the middle in terms of size, but may look more like the father or mother. This sometimes makes it difficult to make a precise estimate. But in general, we can say that they will grow between 30 and 45 cm tall. Some 10% of the F2 ones may remain slightly smaller.

They probably weigh between 7 and 15 kg.

The size of a Siberian husky

A husky can already be categorized among the large dogs. With a height of between 50 and 60 cm, he is a bit bigger than a pomsky.

A husky male weighs between 20 and 27 kg, while a female is slightly lighter at 16 to 23 kg.

The size of a Pomeranian

A pomeranian grows between 18 and 23 cm, but it is possible to have a pomeranian up to 25 cm in height. A pomeranian can weigh between 2 and 6 kg.

Do you want to know more about this breed? Read our customer reviews: https://www.woefkesranch.be/review-ras/pomsky/


Below are the emails from our customers with their Pomsky.

Pomsky - Trésor


Voilà notre petit trésor. Notre birthday boy 🥰

Bonne journée,

Nicolas S.


Pomsky- SKY

Bonjour Marleen,

Je vous envoie quelques photos de la petite Sky.

Elle adore jouer et faire des siestes, et aime parfois dormir avec son plus jeune propriétaire.😁😁

C’est une gourmande qui adore manger…

Nous sommes super contents d’elle, c’est un amour de fille….

Nous sommes fiers de notre princesse

Enviado do meu Galaxy


Pomsky - Cheyenne

Cheyenne découvre la neige et elle adoooooore ❤️

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Pomsky - TOKYO
Meilleurs vœux de luc Ferson et TOKYO

Dribbel x Pascha,
° 6/4/2023

Pomsky - Balou

Hierbij enkele foto’s van onze Balou, kerngezond, een prachtbeest, lief, sociaal, speels, verstandig.  We zouden hem niet meer kunnen missen.

17,7kg , 52cm hoog

Dag Marleen,

Om af te sluiten nog 2 foto’s.  Je mag er ook één op de website plaatsen hoor.

Ik schrijf eerstdaags nog een review.  We zijn supertevreden en krijgen ongelofelijk goeie reacties op onze Prins.😎

Puck x Tony


Afbeelding verwijderd door afzender.

pomsky - Chablis



Voici quelques photos du petit Chablis qui se porte très bien ❤️😊

Il fête ses un an aujourd’hui!

Envoyé de mon iPhone

Pomsky - Stella



Voici des nouvelles de notre Stella qui se porte à merveilles.


Steve Van Acker


Envoyé à partir de Outlook pour Android

Pomsky -Bailey
Hallo, we hebben haar de naam Bailey gegeven! Al super flink en fijn kunnen spelen met ons hondje! Bedankt voor dit geweldige hondje!🤩


Pomsky - Blue
Bonsoir voici quelque photos de notre blue qui a bien grandit 🥰

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

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