Child-friendly family dogs, which breed is best

Nowadays, the dog is increasingly considered a member of the family. As a result, they increasingly come into contact with small children. We know about 350 recognized dog breeds, but which ones are most suitable as child-friendly family dogs? We review with you our top 10.

Family dog German shepherd
Family dogs

Important characteristics of family dogs

So many people, so many dogs wishes. But what makes a dog suitable as a family dog. A family dog ​​has several characteristics that make the dog ideal within a family, with or without small children.

We find the most important characteristics:

  • Background
  • Energy level
  • Age
  • Personality

A dog with a bad background, such as trauma, will more easily surface unexpectedly. This is definitely not recommended with children. Therefore, buy from a breeder. An overly active dog is also not advisable. Just think of the countless YouTube videos where children are knocked over by a dog.

The younger you bring the dog into your home, the better. He will then get used to his new situation with children faster. The personality of the breed is very important. But certainly the individual, not every golden retriever has the same personality, of course.

Education is crucial

The most important thing for a family dog, ​​that is good with children, is the education.

You can teach any dog or breed bad or good manners. So make sure you always raise a puppy in a friendly manner. If possible, involve your children in raising your puppy as well.

NO puppy is an aggressive puppy. Yes, puppies can bite, but this is unconscious behavior. The puppy does not know he is doing something bad, this must be taught by the owners.

Tips for dogs and children

What really are ”child-friendly dog ​​breeds” now depends primarily on the education of children and dogs. Teach children to caress the rule of 3 when stroking:

  • Before stroking the dog, the child must request permission from the boss.
  • The child must request permission from the dog. That is, the child lures the dog and waits for the dog to indicate that it wants to be caressed. Children are not allowed to extend their hands themselves, but have to wait for the dog to come to their hands.
  • Then the child can stroke the dog, but this must be done in a way that is not threatening to the dog. No stroking on the head or back, but under the chin or chest.
  • Teach children to behave quietly near dogs.

10 good family dogs:

French Bulldog

This small, sturdy dog ​​is one lump of energy. Moreover, a French Bulldog is intelligent, loyal and patient with children.

Family dogs

Unlike the English bulldog, we breed French bulldogs. The breed is stronger and healthier than an English bulldog.

This breed is on this list of the best family dog. Moreover, they snore when they sleep, that will certainly make the children laugh.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers need a lot of exercises, so only choose this breed if you have a lot of time to walk or play.

The Golden Retrievers are energetic, intelligent and cordial. They do not have highly developed watch instincts (but can sometimes be watchful), interact easily with other animals, and are good with children. It is an alert yet sensitive species. This breed can be enthusiastic and temperamental, while other dogs are more reserved.

This dog is considered sweet and impulsive. The Golden Retriever is a pleasant dog. They are quick, have an excellent sense of smell and are strongly active in any terrain and climate.

Family dogs
Family dogs


This gentle breed won’t hurt a fly. They are loyal, kind and good with children.

Family dogs


One of our smallest dogs, with the biggest heart.

Family dogs

Poodle as a family dog

One of our smartest dogs, ideal for children with allergies.

Family dogs

Jack Russell

If the children respect him as their friend, it will also become their most loyal friend.

Picture of:

German shepherd

Very intelligent watchdog, can be with children if they consider him a friend.

german shepherd with kids
Family dogs

Shiba Inu

Hatchi, we know him from the movie. Faithful to his owner and the children. However, disciplined upbringing.

Family dogs

Short-haired Dachshunds

There are 3 types of Dachshunds: shaggy, short-haired and long-haired.
The short-haired is the softest in personality of the Dachshund types. Highly recommended for children.

Family dogs


Our Beagles are very tolerant of children. And sporty!

Family dogs

Siberian husky

Not immediately everyone’s friend, but once he has won your trust: your best friend, also from the kids!

Family dogs


A buddy in between, a cross between 2 intelligent varieties!

Family dogs

Yorkshire Terrier

a playful friend

yorkshire terrier
Family dogs