Ontdek onze klantervaringen

Natuurlijk vinden we onszelf goed. Maar dat is voor jou niet belangrijk. We laten liever onze klanten vertellen wat ze van ons vinden. Dierenvrienden zoals jij. Ervaringen van onze klanten. Resultaten om trots op te zijn.

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7 Month old Bentley – Golden retriever

Hi Marlene,

Just wanted to share with you my most beautiful Golden Retriever ever! Bentley is now 7 months old and we are still having the best of fun and I just love this dog so much. Thank you for breeding this beautiful doggie of mine! Here is some updated photos of him!

Best wishes

Lizel Schwartz

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Loeki is 1 jaar :D

Onze dikke vriend was jarig.


Hierbij een paar foto’s van zen leven.


Ik hoop dat hij heel gelukkig is 😀


We zijn er in ieder geval heel blij mee.


Vriendelijke groeten




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Golden Retriever – Maisie

Hello –


After one year, we are extremely happy with Maisie! She is the perfect dog for our family – she loves to play but also knows how to be calm; she is friendly with all other people and dogs, and she is healthy (a few gastric issues now and then but probably because she eats something that she shouldn’t!).


Yesterday, at one year of age, she discovered the beach! I think it was the happiest moment of her life. Some photos are attached and here is a link to a video. Feel free to share these on your facebook page.




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