What kind of temperament do beagles have?

Many people will immediately fall in love with it: the Beagle. He is almost always cheerful, an active dog and also very social. This makes it seem as if the Beagle is everyone’s friend that you can bring into your home without any worries. But especially if you have never had a Beagle in your home, it is wise to first thoroughly investigate the character traits of this dog breed.

Because they can certainly become annoying if they are not challenged enough. A Beagle knows very well what he wants. That is why he is very determined. But if he doesn’t get his way or doesn’t have enough challenge, he gets quite irritable. Then it can be difficult to raise a young Beagle correctly.

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Friendly Character Beagle

Character of a Beagle

It is very important to research the character of the Beagle. For that, you first need to know something about the origins of this dog breed. It explains why they exhibit certain properties. Because in general a Beagle is usually cheerful and a real team player. He is active and lively and will not easily sleep all day. He needs a challenge because he is intelligent and observant.

With its gentle and friendly nature, the Beagle seems like a real friend to everyone. But this is not always true, as he can also be irritable and stubborn. That is why it is wise to find out more about the character traits of a Beagle.

Where does the character come from?

The origin of the Beagle has different stories. Therefore, it is not entirely clear where its origin lies. But it most likely that this hunting for the first time was in England and France around the 15 e century. There are also stories that claim that the hunting dog is much older. The Beagle is said to have originated from Greek Antiquity, more than 400 years before Christ.

It is clear that in all historical cases the emphasis has come to lie on the size of the Beagle. He is small, but has an exceptionally good sense of smell. The name Beagle would come from ‘Beag’ in Celtic or ‘beigle’ in old French. In old English such a dog was called ‘begle’. It is therefore not entirely clear from which language the name originates, but the word translates as ‘little’. Beagles are dogs that are quite small.

This is how they were bred in the past, because then they could easily be taken for hunting . The dogs were put in the horse’s saddlebags. When he goes hunting, he can get out of the bag again. The Beagle is therefore slightly smaller in origin, but has become a lot bigger in its evolution. The withers of a male is now about 38 centimeters. A bitch is slightly smaller with a height of 33 centimeters. A Beagle can weigh between 10 and 20 kilos at a healthy weight .

A real hunter

It is therefore clear that this breed of dog was used for hunting in the past. This is due to its tireless hunting instinct. This kind of dog is a real hunter. He has quite a temperament, is determined to achieve his goal and likes to work in a group. The Beagle is therefore a real team player who likes to work in a group.

As a result, Beagles are not only kept as a companion animal in some countries, but are also still used for hunting. This still regularly occurs in countries such as England and Belgium. The Beagle is very fast and is therefore suitable for hunting rabbits and hares. That is also a downside for anyone who wants to bring a Beagle into their home: they are very fast and intelligent. So they need a challenge, because otherwise they can become annoying. Especially when walking you will notice that the dog can display annoying behavior.

He can hardly be blamed, because this is in his nature. A Beagle will bark loudly on a walk and immediately run after small game like rabbits. This also happens when you take a walk in the forest or in the park. He can run fast and is extremely intelligent. Therefore, if he sees something he can hunt, there is a good chance that he will immediately run away. It is therefore not useful to let the dog run loose in such places.

The good news is that Beagles bond very quickly with their families. So they usually come back quickly, but this is not the behavior you want from a pet. We therefore recommend that you leash this breed as much as possible when walking. Naturally, such a dog likes to run and move freely. Therefore, do not leave the line too short, but opt ​​for a long line.

Beagles are dogs that are easily stimulated by anything small and moving. Especially when you already have small pets in the house, it can become an exciting situation. They will definitely run after rodents and birds as this is in his nature. It is therefore important to consider this before you bring a Beagle into your home. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want to have a Beagle in your house at all.

Don’t let his hunting instincts stop him from adopting a dog of this breed as a roommate. Especially when the dog is still a puppy, this behavior is easy to learn. With a little perseverance you can teach him that this is undesirable behavior. Don’t be put off, Beagles also have many positive character traits!

Cheerful and a group thinker

Most people who want a dog want some life in the brewery. You are assured of that if you choose a Beagle. It is a dog that always seems to be in a good mood. This is a dog with which it is possible to take long, pleasant walks. These dogs love exercise and sports. That is why you can practice different sports with it, such as flyball.

This dog is usually good humored and can be a bit stubborn at times, but most often he is in good spirits and quite curious. This breed gets along well with small children and other pets. This is less the case with smaller pets that move, because of his hunting instinct. Don’t expect a Beagle to be a guard dog. He is far too friendly to be a real watchdog.

He likes to play in groups with other dogs. There’s a reason for that: its origin. It is originally a hunting dog and so it is used to work together in large groups. Many people who are about to buy a dog, regardless of breed, often doubt whether a dog will get along with other pets. Does a Beagle get along well with another dog or even a cat? There is a good chance that this will not cause any significant problems. The Beagle is curious, but soon knows his place in the house. It’s a different story if you have a rabbit on the loose or have a bird in the living room. The nature of this dog breed is that it sees small animals as wild and therefore wants to hunt them. He can hardly be blamed for this, because this is in his nature.

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Active and lively

If you take a Beagle into your home, keep in mind that he needs a challenge. Although it is not a big dog, it does have a lot of energy. This is one of the characteristics of a Beagle. So he needs a fair amount of exercise. You can offer him this by playing in the woods or on a large lawn. He will not give up easily as he is a determined, active and lively dog. He loves to walk, run and play with agility toys.

It is also possible to do a dog sport, such as doggy dancing or participate in scavenger hunts. It is not without reason that this type of breed is often used as a rescue dog. The Beagle is ideal as a tracking dog. It is therefore often used in rescue operations. That’s because it can smell really good, but it’s small in size. This gives him an advantage over larger dogs, which are not good at smaller locations.

Some countries even have their own brigade for this type of dog. Think, for example, of the United States where there is a special Beagle Brigade. This is because he has a very good working nose. That is why this breed of dog is often used by customs and border guards. He will not soon be used for the detection of drugs, but can detect many other (prohibited) things. Think, for example, of inspecting bags and suitcases full of food , vegetable and animal foods. Many countries, especially Australia, have strict biosafety legislation. A Beagle is then a good enforcer.

Usually, when people see a Beagle, they think that he is always cute and sweet. That is precisely why many future owners fall in love with this breed. But it’s not always that cozy, because the Beagle can become very annoying if he doesn’t get enough challenge and exercise. Then he starts demolishing properties out of boredom.

A Beagle is at its best when it gets a lot of exercise. Then he lets go of his stubborn and stubborn character a bit more and he is especially cheerful and loyal. Make it clear from puppyhood who is the boss in the house. It can never happen that the Beagle determines what happens in the house. It is therefore important to act with a clear voice against misconduct. The Beagle is stubborn and can easily impose its own way on everyone who lives in the house. Because of these Beagle character traits, it is quite possible that he wants to take over the household. So take immediate action against this, but don’t frighten him.

A Beagle is intelligent and observant

The master Beagle character traits the dog owes to the breeding program that has been maintained for centuries. He is a real hunter and was mainly used as a hunting dog. He is very friendly and social. In the Netherlands, Beagles are usually kept as a family dog ​​because of their sweet and loyal character. He may be intelligent and observant, but he is by no means a watchdog. Being attentive doesn’t mean he can be aggressive too. Aggression and Beagles simply don’t mix.

It is an observant dog. He will try to protect his master and will also pay attention because what is happening within his pack. A pack does not always have to be a large group of dogs. This can also be his family and possibly other dogs and cats.

However, this dog breed can be annoying at times. This is due to his high intelligence. So he needs to be challenged regularly, otherwise he will get bored. He then quickly draws up his own plan and makes his own decisions. This again has to do with the background of this dog breed. An owner can of course decide to what extent a dog is allowed to make decisions. When he lives on a farm and is used as a hunting dog, the observant behavior is not likely to be a problem.

That becomes a different story when he has to fulfill his role as a family member or pet. Then this behavior is usually not desired. That is why it is important to make it clear who makes the decisions in-house. In any case, don’t fall for his cute looks . Because he may look endearing with his big eyes and beautiful fur, but he does need guidance.

Soft character and friendly

Don’t be put off by the fact that a Beagle can be irritable at times. Almost every dog ​​breed has its negative sides. Due to property demolition and hunting instincts, one might think that a Beagle is not suitable as a family dog. This is not true. A Beagle can be very gentle and friendly and is therefore a great family dog. This dog breed lends itself well as a pet for an active and lively family.

This dog breed is also very suitable when there is only one person in the household. This is because the dog can easily adapt and will quickly feel at ease. He does everything to please the boss and wants to be an active part of the family. Therefore, he will quickly seek affection and regular cuddling is necessary. It is important for a Beagle to know its place in the family. Once he knows this, he is a good dog that makes great company.

He is very observant and will therefore often be near the owner. A Beagle is so gentle and friendly that it is even regularly used as a therapy dog. These dogs, for example, are an excellent part of a psychotherapy treatment, so that clients become a little calmer again. This also immediately means that this dog is far too gentle to act as a guard dog. In case of unwanted visitors, he will act by barking and warning. But he lacks the aggression to really attack an uninvited guest. He is not likely to bite someone in the calves or arms. This is because an aggressive action is not in his nature.

Beagles: unique four-legged friends

Remember that a Beagle is a very unique breed of dog. Sometimes it is difficult to understand exactly what the dog wants. Is he barking because there’s someone outside the door he doesn’t trust, or is he trying to make something else clear? What often happens with this dog breed, especially in the young phase, is that they like to scratch the couch. He may think something of his is buried.

He also likes to sniff every corner of the room. This is because this dog breed is very easily stimulated. He is very curious and will therefore quickly investigate. He has traditionally been used to following his nose and making decisions based on traces. It is therefore an ideal tracking dog; he has the ability to follow his nose for hours. This makes these dogs very unique: they are full of energy, are quite playful and very curious. This dog is especially suitable for a family with children. He gets along well with children, needs little care and has a gentle character.

A Beagle will feel completely at home in a house with a backyard, because there is plenty for him to experience there. The Beagle was traditionally bred for hunting. That makes it unique. He has an olfactory organ with 220 million receptors. That is 110 times more than the number of receptors a person has. He will smell every odor and be stimulated to investigate further. If they have prey close by, they will half bark and half howl. Only the Beagle can make such a sound.


Smart dogs sometimes get in their way. Because if they are very intelligent, they can also quickly become bored with a lack of challenge. A Beagle will quickly explore and will not give up easily. So he will easily jump over a fence or open a lock. This breed was bred to be stubborn and not give up. This allows him to run for miles and follow the trail of game for longer times.

Unfortunately, this stubbornness is also present in young dogs. That means it will take quite a bit of stamina to potty train and train the puppy . Training with toys and playing games is then important. Rewarding good behavior works well. What won’t work is punishing the dog. He’s too stubborn and too proud to understand.

Needs a challenge

So a challenge is definitely needed. If a Beagle shows unwanted behavior, it is almost always the boss’s fault. He then falls short of physical and mental exercises. Raising a Beagle takes a lot of patience for this reason. They’re obvious when they’re bored: they bark, howl, or tear down the couch, shoes, or carpet. It makes no sense to punish the dog, because in his eyes he is not doing anything wrong.

A better solution is to change the pattern by walking the dog more often. Make sure walking is more than just going to the bathroom. So there must be a challenging element in it, such as playing fun games. They enjoy running after a ball and sniffing the woods is a Beagle’s favorite pastime.